Budget Airlines that Fly to Mexico

by Jessica

October 30th, 2009

mexicoplaneWhen Mexico was dealing with one bad news story after another, it seemed like the entire country was on sale for travelers. In some cases, it might have even felt like they were paying you to come visit. You may still be able to find great deals on flights to Mexico at certain times of year due to less-than-ideal weather or some other bit of bad press, but one way to increase your chances of finding cheap fares to Mexico is by making sure you’re including the budget airlines that fly to Mexico in your search.

Like most other countries, Mexico has a host of smaller “no frills” airlines serving airports throughout the country in addition to the big airlines with more familiar names. Some of them are technically “regional” airlines, in that they serve only a few cities in one particular part of Mexico, and not all of them cross the border into the United States. But some of the discount airlines in Mexico do serve some cities in the United States, so if you’re planning a Mexican vacation they’re definitely the airlines you should be looking at.

Keep in mind that not all of the budget airlines that fly to Mexico are going to show up when you do a search on the big airline booking websites. Some of them may, but it’s always a good idea to check the individual websites of the airlines themselves in order to make sure you’re covering all your bases and getting the best price.

Also note that sometimes the big airlines will still be able to offer the best prices on flights for where you want to go – so don’t look exclusively at these discount carriers, either. The big airlines have one big advantage over the smaller carriers – volume. And if you’re lucky, they’re in a generous mood and are passing the savings on to their customers. If they’re not feeling the giving spirit, however, you’ve got the websites for these low-cost airlines in your back pocket.

Budget Airlines the Fly to Mexico

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of every single low-cost airline that flies to Mexico, but it should help you get started looking beyond just the airlines you’re familiar with. As I said, some of the cheap flights in Mexico will be on regional airlines, so you might also want to check the list of airlines serving your home airport to see if there are any of those regional airlines you can fly into Mexico, too.

Here is a list of some of the bigger discount airlines serving Mexico.

  • Volaris – Volaris is based in Toluca and is Mexico’s 3rd-largest airline. It flies to 25 destinations, including 2 in the United States: Los Angeles and Oakland.
  • VivaAerobus – Partly-owned by European low-cost airline giant Ryanair, VivaAerobus is based in Apodaca and flies to 22 cities, including Gary, Indiana and Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Aviacsa – Aviacsa isn’t technically a budget airline, but often offers cheap fares into Mexico from its sole U.S. destination of Las Vegas.
  • AirTran Airways – AirTran serves more than 70 destinations, including Cancun in Mexico, and is based at the enormous Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
  • Frontier Airlines – Although Frontier used to serve more cities in Mexico than it does now, it still operates frequent flights to Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cozumel from its Denver base.
  • jetBlue Airways – jetBlue is one of the newer budget airlines in the United States, but they fly to more than 50 cities in 12 countries (including Cancun in Mexico).
  • Sun Country – As the name suggests, Sun Country’s destinations tend to be in warmer climates (especially as its hub is in Minnesota); of the 32 cities served, five are in Mexico.
  • Spirit Airlines – Spirit is based outside Miami, and flies to 40 destinations, including Cancun in Mexico.
  • WestJet – WestJet is actually a Canadian low-cost carrier which flies to six airports in Mexico and serves six states in the U.S. as well.
  • US Airways – Despite what you might think, US Airways is often lumped in with budget airlines these days due to service cutbacks; it serves 200 cities, including 10 in Mexico and an impressively long list in the United States.

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