International Travel Deals

by Jessica

August 30th, 2010

Travel bargain hunters may feel smug when they knock a hundred bucks off of a domestic flight cross-country to go home for the holidays, but that feeling is amplified ten-fold when they find a bigger bargain on an international flight. We all know international airfare is expensive, and justifiably so.

But there are ways to get international travel deals that don’t involve marrying a pilot or stowing away in a jet’s wheel well (we can’t comment on the intelligence of the former, but we really don’t recommend the latter).

Sometimes finding international travel deals is as simple as planning your trip at a different time of year. Sometimes it may involve planning a trip to a different destination altogether – or at least routing your travels differently than you might ordinarily think would be easiest.

Here are some articles designed to help you find international travel deals, no matter where or when you want to go.

How to Find Cheap International Airfare

If you’ve been following along at Cheap Ticket Links, you may know many of the tips included in this article about how to find cheap airfare on an international flight – but some of the things that work on domestic flights don’t work on international flights. So be sure to read this article, too, for the full picture.

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Benefits of Shoulder Season Travel

One easy way to save money on an international trip – while not getting stuck with awful weather – is to book a trip during the shoulder season. But saving money isn’t the only reason to travel during the shoulder seasons, and in this article we give you four other reasons to consider.

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Shoulder Season Around the World

Wondering when, exactly, this “shoulder season” is? Well, it depends on where you are in the world. But although there are some times of the year when it’s easier to find shoulder season deals, you can get pretty good shoulder season value all year long if you know where to look.

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Cheap International Airline Tickets

Hunting for deals on your favorite booking sites is always a good idea when you’re looking for cheap international flights, but the big sites don’t offer consolidator prices. To have a more complete picture of what’s possible when it comes to good deals on international airline tickets, don’t forget to search your route on at least one consolidator booking engine.

>> Search for cheap international air tickets with a consolidator

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