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Incredible savings in Mexico right now

mexicogirlbeachNothing quite matches the euphoria of when you finally hit that book now€ button after deciding to make travel plans. I will say, however, that better than the euphoria of finally booking that trip is getting a $200 refund check after you hit that book now€ button. If you’ve spent any time lately checking out some of the amazing travel deals out there, you know that the travel industry is struggling to get people to book those summer trips this year. In an effort to attract attention and encourage folks to still hit the road, airlines and hotels are continually trying to one up one another with better and better travel offers (like this one on United). SAVE up to $200 w/ promo code GROW!
Enjoy the great outdoors with free nights & more! Book by 6/15.

Save $200 to Hawaii

hawaiiEver since my first trip to Hawaii, I have dreamt of returning to the land of fresh pineapple, gentle Pacific breezes and white sand beaches. Luckily, the suffering economy has recently made Hawaii way more of a budget travel option than it has been in decades (ok, lucky for us, not so lucky for Hawaii’s economy). Hotels and airlines are offering up free nights, coupons and money back for booking your trip to the islands. Ok, twist my arm, I guess you can talk me into going to Hawaii. Save up to $200 to Hawai’s Big Island!
Book a flight + hotel package and use promo code ISLANDSALE. Book by 5/15.

Save $200 on Hawaii trips

hawaiiHawaii was once a destination reserved for those with fairly ample travel budgets who could afford not only pricey airfare to get there, but also the expensive hotels and resorts that populate the islands. As it turns out, the suffering economy hasn’t been so good for the Hawaii tourism industry and prices on everything from flights to hotels in Hawaii are down as much as 50% from this time last year. Save up to $200 to Hawai’s Big Island!
Book a flight + hotel package and use promo code ISLANDSALE. Book by 5/15.

Big city vacations sale

new-york-city21I have always considered myself more of a mountain girl (which explains why I have lived most of my life in Colorado and Oregon), but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a vacation to the big city. While I’d rather not live in a land of subways, skyscrapers and endless opportunities for entertainment, big cities sure are great places to take in all the best sights and sounds. That’s why I jumped at this sale for a $50 coupon off on vacations to Chicago, New York, San Francisco and more. Big City Vacations Sale!
$50 off vacations to NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and many more. Book by 4/30. Promo code: CITY

We are Caribbean-bound, Coupon Code fans!

girlz beachI’ve gotten so many requests for coupon codes to Caribbean resorts that I finally had to dig one up, so here it is: 55% off the new Italian Village at Beaches Turks & Caicos. Use coupon code 553 now!

I’m not sure how they came up with that code, 553, but this has got to be one of the more valuable coupons we’ve featured in this Monday series. The Turks and Caicos islands weren’t too well known until about 5 years ago, but now they are one of the hottest destinations in the area, so being able to save more than 50% is pretty sweet. If you check some of the deals below you’ll notice that this is a great time to book a Caribbean trip in general, so piling on extra savings can make things so cheap it’s scary.

Spring weather in Palm Springs is perfect, Coupon Code fans

Palm SpringsIt’s Coupon Code Monday and that means I feature the best code I can find for you guys, and this week’s is a little unusual: Palm Springs Flight + Hotel for $75 off! – PROMO CODE: PALMSPR75

This is an excellent deal and I’ve been to Palm Springs myself dozens of times, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s got excellent golf and nightlife, but it tends to be a bit expensive and I usually prefer to highlight coupons to cheaper places. This coupon code helps put it in more of our price ranges, but the truth about this week’s selection has more to do with timing than anything else.

Aloha, Coupon Code fans!

We’re going to Vegas, coupon code fans!

Vegas NYNYAll the people who’ve written e-mails about this recently, this one is for you: $50 Off Any Las Vegas Package (2+ travelers) – COUPON CODE: LVEGAS50

These Coupon Code Mondays have been such a success that we temporarily blew out Travelocity’s website for a bit last week. They called me and pretended that they were really angry, but I have a feeling they were just yanking my chain. I know these coupon codes really cut into their profit margin, but I still have to think they are doing okay even if tons of people use them like has been happening lately.

Spring break is almost upon us, coupon-code fans!

girl in mexicoRegular readers will recognize that we featured a similar deal just a few weeks ago, but this is Coupon Code Monday and this one is so special that I thought I’d repeat it in case someone missed it: $75 Off Last Minute Packages to Mexico – COUPON CODE: MEX75OFF

Since Spring Break is almost here I thought this was the most useful coupon code for our purposes this week. Next week we’ll probably do a Europe coupon code, but we’ve done a few really good Europe specials last week, which you can see by scrolling down a bit.