Cruise Travel Deals

Cruise vacations can be some of the best value trips for your money, which is one of the many reasons they’re so popular. But just because cruises overall tend to be a good deal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find the better cruise travel deals out there. Not only are there some easy ways to find cruise travel deals, knowing you scored a bargain on your vacation always seems to make the trip sweeter, doesn’t it?

The following articles will help you find cruise travel deals when you’re ready to book a trip, and they’ll also help you plan your cruise vacation. You’ll learn when the best and worst times to go on a cruise in different parts of the world are, how to pick the right cruise for you, and what easy-to-overlook items you may want to consider packing on a cruise – among other things.

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Cruise Vacation Travel Tips

There’s a first time for everything, as the saying goes, and that’s true of traveling on a cruise ship as well. Even the most experience cruise-taker you meet was once a novice, making their share of mistakes – and there are plenty of travel pros who still forget the basics now and then.

It used to be you could ask around and see which of your friends had been on a cruise vacation before to find out what their best cruise travel tips might be, or rely on the expertise of a cruise travel agent to find out everything you’d need to know. These days you don’t have to limit your search for knowledge to just the people you know, or employ a travel agent if you’d prefer to book your own trip. Nowadays there are all kinds of resources out there to make learning from others’ mistakes easy.

There are all kinds of cruise vacation travel tips from cruise travel experts, and they fall into a few main categories.

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Worst and Best Cruise Seasons

When you’re contemplating a vacation in any destination around the world, one of the factors that goes into your decision-making process is the season you’ll be traveling. Some destinations are better at certain times of the year than others. The “when” factor should also be part of your decision-making process when you’re thinking about a cruise, too, but it’s a little more complicated to know when the best and worst seasons for cruises are – after all, a cruise ship moves.

It’s not just about the fact that a cruise ship will visit several different ports of call, however, although that’s definitely part of what should be considered. It’s also partly about what part of the world you’re hoping to take a cruise vacation in. Determining when it’s the best time to take an Alaska cruise is going to be different than determining when is the best time to take a Caribbean cruise, for instance.

Below, you’ll find a rundown of the various cruise destinations and the best and worst times to take a cruise to each one. But keep in mind that when we say “best” and “worst,” we’re talking more about “high season” and “low season.” There are great reasons to take a cruise during the low season – what some might consider the worst time – including lower prices and smaller crowds. Typically, desginations of “best” and “worst” have to do with weather. So if you don’t mind a chance of inclement weather, you don’t get seasick, and you’ve got travel insurance in case a hurricane cancels your trip, going on a cruise during what’s considered a “worst” time isn’t a terrible idea.

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How to Find Last Minute Cruise Deals

Whether it’s because you just got some unexpected vacation time, you’re a procrastinator, or you consider hunting down travel deals a competitive sport, being on the lookout for last minute cruise deals is always a good idea. Cruises are some of the most budget-friendly ways to travel (so long as you’re not drinking your savings at the cruise ship’s bar), and not just because you’re booking both your transport and accommodation together. Last minute cruise deals may not give you the same number of options when it comes to destinations or amenities, but they make for super cheap vacations.

What exactly is a last minute cruise deal? Last minute cruises aren’t cruises that are planned at the last minute – the cruise lines have their calendars worked out months and years in advance. Rather, when you see last minute cruise deals they’re available because a cruise ship hasn’t sold out and the cruise line is trying to fill more of its cabins. After all, a cruise line makes more money if a cabin is occupied (even at a reduced rate) than if it sits empty during an entire cruise.

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Family Cruise Deals: What to Consider

familytravel11Family vacation planning can be a challenge – with all the components you need to factor in, the different age groups you need to keep entertained, the disparate interests inherent in any family group, and the expense that seems to go up exponentially, it’s no wonder that package trips are so popular for traveling families. For those of you who prefer the idea of visiting more than one location during your vacation – but who don’t want to pack and unpack constantly or schlep an entire family’s worth of luggage from hotel to hotel – then a family cruise is a great option to consider.

Family cruises offer many of the same perks as an all-inclusive package trip – namely the idea of paying for many of the elements of your trip up front – and they have the added bonus of being floating hotels that transport you and your family to a new destination every day. You get to explore several places in one trip and you only unpack once.


Here are some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re looking for a family cruise deal to make sure that you’re getting a good deal and that a cruise vacation is the right choice for your family.

Why should I go on a cruise anyway?

cruise-pacificWhen a friend told me she was going on a cruise for her honeymoon I asked her if she was kidding because it surely seemed funny to me. Many travelers think of cruises as the best option for the retired who have saved enough to travel the world; or for families who want to keep the kids busy while the parents (finally) have some time together. Before booking a cruise, do remember that in case you get bored or something else doesn’t work the way you want, you cannot cut the vacation short.

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Hot Deals in the Caribbean

beach1Temperatures may be getting cooler outside, but deals on Caribbean vacations just keep heating up. With summer quickly fading, the leaves starting to change and fall officially making its arrival, prices in the Caribbean just keep getting cheaper. In fact, some prices on all-inclusive vacations have gotten so low, you’ll be practically SAVING money with all the included food and drinks at buffets and bars.

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Cheap Europe travel deals

eiffeltowerUnless you’ve been living in a fallout shelter for the past 18 months, you are quite aware that we are in an economic recession. And, with news swirling around about layoffs, failed businesses, foreclosures and more, it may be no surprise that the travel industry is also hurting. The result has been lower airfares and cut-rate hotel rooms. In fact, an article from the Business Standard reports that global hotel prices drop 17% to their lowest in 5 yearsand hotels in Europe and the U.S. have been especially hard hit.

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Cheap Las Vegas travel deals

lasvegasstripI love to hate Las Vegas. Or should I say I hate to love Las Vegas? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. While Vegas is certainly the home of over-the-top excess, the capital of tacky and the definition of so many things I claim to dislike (especially in a travel destination) there is just something slightly irresistible about Vegas. Maybe it’s the lack of open container laws or social acceptance of day-light drinking, but despite the huge number of lakes and fountains in the desert, sky-high prices and Dinseyland for adults feeling, I have to admit Vegas is a whole lot of fun. From great shows to highly rated restaurants, adding on to the list of positives for Vegas lately have been some of the absolutely insane travel deals to Sin City that have been popping up pretty much everywhere lately.

Las Vegas!