Cheap Mexico vacations this fall

beachA friend of mine got married last week, and while I enjoyed the ceremony and reception and thought she looked beautiful in her dress, the thing that really piqued my interest was how little the married couple spent on a 2 week honeymoon in Mexico.

As it turns out, fall is a great time to get some pretty outrageous deals on vacations in Mexico. With fall marking the shoulder season in Mexico, there are plenty of amazing autumn deals on all-inclusive vacations and more south of the border.

Great deals on cruises right now

cruise-pacificThere’s been some awfully strange weather happening around the country this summer. From rain in New York to heat waves tipping thermometers into the triple digits in the Pacific Northwest, I have become increasingly convinced the apocalypse is soon upon us. Since the world is probably ending no later than 2012, I figure I may as well enjoy the last pleasant moments on earth on a tropical Caribbean beach somewhere. Especially with some of the great deals on Caribbean vacation packages out there right now, you don’t even really need to believe the apocalypse is upon us to pack your swimsuit and head for crystal clear waters and whit sand beaches. “SALE SEARCH Find your PERFECT vacation
at an UNBEATABLE price

Free Paris stop-overs on Air France flights

parisnightI am a big fan of a few things: finding that item you’ve wanted to ages is 50% off, multi-leg trips and extended vacations/travel and anything and everything that has to do with Francewhich is why the latest offer on Air France allowing free stopovers in Paris when you book a multi destination trip made me jump for joy. It knocks 2 things off of my above list right off, leaving me only to go in search if a killer outfit and marked down prices to make it a full trifecta of wonderful. Air France offers free stopovers in Paris.

All-inclusive Mexican Vacations for under $400

hammockbeach1You’re a city warrior who jogs in the smog and parties on work nights. You believe in playing as hard as you work, which is exactly why you are starting to think that a vacation to the beaches of Mexico might be exactly what you need to escape the daily grind. Or, if you’re like me, you keep hearing about and seeing some absolutely insane deals on vacation packages to Mexico that could have you sitting on a beach sipping on all-inclusive margaritas for a lot less than you imagined. Mexico airfare from $137

Caribbean vacations are at their lowest prices of the year

beach caribbyIt makes sense if you think about it, but the fall is definitely the best time of year to visit the Caribbean if you want to save some money: CARIBBEAN Travel Deals

This site is offering 3 and 4-night cruises to the Bahamas starting under $200 per person, as well as great deals on all-inclusive resorts all over the area. Islands like the Bahamas and Grand Cayman tend to have the cheapest places, but all the resorts are offering their best prices of the year, simply because fall is the time of year when the fewest people are thinking of a vacation in the Caribbean, even though the weather is great. If you took the same trip in January it would probably cost double. It’s your money so you decide how to spend it, but I prefer to take two great and cheap trips instead of one trip at peak season.

Book a cruise with your Mastercard, get a huge onboard credit

How do they do it?

You can Practically Cruise the Hawaiian Islands for Free

ssminnow.jpgNow that Black Friday that dreaded shopping day after Thanksgiving is over, we can all once again come out of are self imposed shopping exile and resume our search for travel bargains. Today’s fabulous find is a deal that will net you 90% off the normal price of a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise of Hawaii. Now, I know that you are a smart traveler and you would never actually pay full price for a cruise since you know that there is a never ending sale on cruises, but even with your superior knowledge, good looks and charm, I think you’ll agree that 90% off is quite the savings.

The cruise departs from Honolulu and takes you to three other Hawaiian Islands before returning you safely to your starting point. Along the way you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy all that Hawaii has to offer, while feasting on wonderful food and relaxing by the ship’s pool. A three hour cruise it is not, but a seven-night thing of beauty it is. The deal is good for trips in December, so grab this last minute bargain before the clock stops ticking.

For more great deals on cruises to Hawaii and other hot spots around the world, head on over to the Cruise and Vacation Packages Web site.

You won’t need to Pack Chewing Gum for Singapore

bubble.jpgSingapore is kind of a confusing place. Is it a city? It is a state? Is it a city-state? Probably all of the above, but one thing it is for certain is an interesting place to travel. Between the immaculate streets, draconian rules about chewing gum and spitting, world class restaurants and shops, and sunburned western businesspeople running around in suits in hot weather, the place has a lot of things going for it. If you have ever thought about going to Singapore and Malaysia, you might want to take a look at these package deals. Could be a good way to get around and see the sights.

Cruise from Boston to Bermuda

cocktail03.jpgTom Cruise has been in the headlines a lot recently, but we can assure you that he won’t be sailing with you if you decide to take advantage of this nifty deal to cruise from Boston to Bermuda and back.

Instead of worrying about being caught up in the paparazzi, you can sit back and enjoy some cocktails on the high seas. Once you reach Bermuda you can snorkel, golf or foment a coup. Whatever you end up doing, it is sure to be fun and it is sure to be in warmer weather than you’ll find in New England in late October.

So good ahead and be a Hollywood superstar by signing up for this Priceline deal. Fame is fleeting so you might as well get on board for the ride.