It is Ok to Drink the Water

locmap_baja.jpgIf you look at a map of North America you’ll see that dropping down south of California is a peninsula called Baja California. It doesn’t look like much on a map, but the place is full of beauty, charm and pots of gold. Ok, I made up that last part, but I would never lie about the absolute killerness (if that’s a word) of Baja.

You should check it out for yourself. Southwest Airlines is offering some cruise deals that will give you a taste of what the area has to offer. Practice your Spanish, hit the links, or float in the pool and never leave the ship. However you choose to spend your vacation, you’ll have a new appreciation for that droopy place on the map below California.

Your Cruise will End Better than the Titanic

1_22_titanic_dicaprio.jpgHere’s your chance to experience the glory of the open seas. The wind rushing through your hair, the dolphins swimming by your side, Leonardo DiCaprio by your side ..

If you have never taken a cruise, they can be kind of fun. If you’ve done one before, here’s a chance to break out your funky chicken and eat yourself silly again. For one day only, Carnival Cruise is offering 3 and 4 day night trips starting at $179. Seriously, you can’t beat that price.

The catch is that you need to book your trip online by the end of today through Priceline. So get at it already and make sure you bring along some of those sea sickness pills.

Alaska Cruise Special

We keep hearing this thing about how beautiful Alaska is in the summer. Our friends always come back from their annual fishing trip, gushing about the rustic wilderness, amazing beautiful and perfect temperatures.

However, we’re not sure that spending a week in the woods with a shotgun under our pillow is for us. Thankfully, there are some fantastic cruise deals that let you spend your days with the woods…and the nights with your luxury.

Check out this special from OneTravel:
Day 1 – SEWARD, ALASKA (SWD) (Boarding 18:00), (Departure 21:00)
Day 2 – HUBBARD GLACIER (CRUISING) (YAK) (Arrival 14:00), (Departure 18:00)
Day 3 – SKAGWAY, ALASKA (SGY) (Arrival 10:00), (Departure 20:00)
Day 4 – JUNEAU, ALASKA (JNU) (Arrival 07:00), (Departure 22:00)
Day 5 – ICY STRAIT POINT, ALASKA (PSO) (Arrival 07:00), (Departure 17:00)
Day 6 – KETCHIKAN, ALASKA (KTN) (Arrival 13:00), (Departure 20:00)

Alaska Cruise Special

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