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Frontier Airlines: Memorial Holiday Sale


Each year, Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. In 2012 , it falls on May 28 and marks the start of the summer season. It’s the day when outdoor cooking season starts with a barbecue. Or people just love to escape to the beaches. Regardless of what you plan to do, if you have traveling on your mind, then Frontier Airlines can help.

Book your ticket by May 28, 2012 and travel between May 24 and May 28, 2012. Seats are limited and the tickets are nonrefundable.

Some of the routes on sale are:

  • Atlanta to Denver $100
  • Chicago to Denver $74
  • Fort Lauderdale to Denver $124
  • Los Angeles to Denver $117
  • Orlando to Denver $134
  • Orlando to Kansas City $121
  • Portland to Colorado Springs $95

Read more details on the airline’s official site. And make sure to check out the airline’s Twitter account as well.

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Southwest Vacations: Expand Your Horizons in 2012

New Year Savings Sale!

The start of the New Year also means it’s time to look for new adventures and places to visit. Whether you look for a romantic getaway, a vacation filled with adventure together with your friends or a family vacation, Southwest Airlines has the deals for you.

Book a flight and accommodation package to any Southwest Vacations destination and you get reduced rates. Save up to $120 per person because the bags fly free. Book your package by January 12, 2012 and travel between January 1 and March 31, 2012 (but varies according to the hotel you choose).

You can book hotels in Las Vegas, Orlando, California, Florida, Reno, Phoenix or to ski destinations, such as Salt Lake City.

Seats are limited and might not be available on some fights. Flights and hotel rates vary by the day of the week.

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New Years Travel Deals

nye4Whereas Christmas is (for many) a time when family obligations require any trips to be in the direction of “home,” New Year’s Eve is a holiday that’s much more associated with friends and parties that you want to attend – whether they’re family-related or not. It’s not surprising, then, that traveling for New Year’s is a popular thing to do.

There are plenty of spots around the globe that make a very big deal out of New Year’s Eve, and since it’s a holiday that comes only once a year you’d be smart to plan ahead for your trip. Advance preparation will help you save money on your flight, for one thing, and it’ll save you from the disappointment of missing out on an experience if you’ve got your eye on a particularly popular destination for New Year’s.

The articles listed below will all help you plan for your New Year’s travels, no matter where you want to go.

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>> In 2012, New Year’s Eve is a Monday, and New Year’s Day is on Tuesday

Christmas Travel Deals

xmastreeChristmas is one of the holidays many people consider synonymous with travel. For some, it means an annual trek home to see family. For others, it’s an excellent excuse to visit a new destination and celebrate the holiday in their style. Either way, it’s a season when enough people are traveling that it means you’ve got to do a bit of research in advance to prepare.

One of the main things that advance research helps with is the cost of travel at Christmas time – by doing your homework and booking in advance you’re more likely to save money on a ticket. But there are other things you can do ahead of time to prepare for Christmas travel that will make the trip less stressful – and we’ve covered all those topics in the articles linked below.

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>> Christmas falls on a Tuesday in 2012

Thanksgiving Travel Deals

turkeyWhen most of us think about the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s images of family dinners, great feasts, football games, and general happiness that probably come to mind first. For anyone who’s not within driving distance of all that stuff, however, the famously horrendous crowds at the airport follow closely behind.

Thanksgiving remains one of the worst times to travel in the U.S., and the increased volume of passengers – while annoying in and of itself – can lead to more delays, more cancellations, and (perhaps worst of all) more expensive tickets. Some of the problems that are associated with Thanksgiving travel can’t be avoided so much as prepared for, but when it comes to paying too much for an airline ticket – that’s where we draw the line.

Chances are you’ll pay more to travel at Thanksgiving than you would if you traveled the week before, but there are definitely some things you can do to make sure you’re not paying top dollar for your flight. That’s just one of the topics covered in the helpful articles below.

>> In 2012, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 222nd

Halloween Travel Deals

Celebrating Halloween may be a completely different ballgame for the grown-ups than it was when we were kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s a holiday we should leave to the young’uns. In fact, when you consider that Halloween can be a great excuse for a holiday-specific trip, then it’s even more reason to reclaim this holiday from the way-back machine.

Maybe Halloween is a big deal where you live and you don’t have a need to travel for the holiday – but maybe you haven’t heard about some of the cities that really do Halloween right. The good news is that if you’d like to travel for the holiday it’s a pretty good time of year to be looking for cheap flights. By late October, travel deals are in greater abundance – something you certainly can’t say a month later for travel around Thanksgiving.

If you’re contemplating a Halloween trip this year, it’s a good idea to start doing your research for deals on airfare at least a month to six weeks in advance so you’ll get an idea of what the going rate is before you book. There are a couple of links below that should help you plan your Halloween trip without spending a fortune.

>> In 2012, Halloween – October 31st – falls on a Wednesday. 

Where to Go in September: What’s in season  in September?

Ask a random group of travel nuts their favorite month to spend in their favorite place and it’s almost a guarantee that several will say “September.” It’s a great month to travel in many destinations, for many of the same reasons – when summer ends in August, the high season prices and crowds usually go away, but the weather often stays beautiful through September. It’s the ideal mix.

The trouble is that more recently in popular destinations around the world the high season doesn’t end in August, with high season prices and crowds now spreading into September. The shoulder seasons are getting shorter, which means anyone who still wants to travel during the glorious month of September needs to work a little harder to find the best deals to the most popular places.

The list below of where to go in September includes both places that are genuinely in an “off-season” or “shoulder season” by September, and others that are at the tail end of their high season. If you have a specific destination in mind, you’ll need to adjust your budget to fit – if, on the other hand, you’ve got a budget you need to stick to, you’ll need to be more flexible on your destination.

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Bumbershoot Travel Deals

bumbershoot3Washington State music lovers kick off the summer with the Sasquatch Music Festival in the Columbia Gorge each May, and they zip up to Seattle for the summer-ending Bumbershoot music-and-arts festival to bookend the season. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are all about enjoying as much of the nice weather as possible, since it doesn’t last long, so it’s a great excuse for people outside the state to come visit, too.

Bumbershoot started in Seattle in 1971, and has been a Labor Day weekend fixture since 1977. Festival-goers are regularly treated to local talent on the stage, but Bumbershoot has grown enough in stature over the decades to also attract big acts from all over the world. The “arts” part of the festival includes things like independent films, dance performances, poetry slams, and street performers, and there are plenty of vendors selling a variety of foods and arty souvenirs.

Incidentally, the word “bumbershoot” means “umbrella,” and that’s worth noting. Labor Day weekend in Seattle is usually perfectly lovely – but this is the Pacific Northwest, so anything could happen. People in this part of the world don’t let a little rain keep them from enjoying their festivals, however, so the show will most certainly go on – rain or shine.

>> Bumbershoot takes place each yer over Labor Day weekend 

Oktoberfest Travel Deals

oktoberfest4There are few annual parties more famous than Oktoberfest in Munich. It’s a (roughly) two-week festival that spans the end of September and the start of October, and although party-goers these days have little to no understanding of the history of the holiday there are plenty of traditional elements to it.

Today’s Oktoberfest is as much about the carnival rides as it is about the traditional food and dress, and unlike many world famous parties this one remains a favorite of the locals even though the city of Munich is inundated each year with foreigners who are (for the most part) just looking forward to getting falling-down drunk for two straight weeks.

Oktoberfest in Munich is the “bucket list” holiday, but there are lots of other places on the planet that celebrate Oktoberfest, too. No matter where you’re planning to don your dirndl this year, the articles below are here to help you save money on the trip.

>> Oktoberfest in Munich is from September 22 to October 7 in 2012
>> Learn more about going to the festival with this Munich Oktoberfest guide
>> If you’re really on a budget, there are some hostels near Oktoberfest in Munich to choose from

Fall Travel Deals

We hear so often that we should avoid traveling during the high season – which is typically summer – that you’d have every right to feel smart when you start planning your next vacation for the fall. The autumn, after all, is one of the two “shoulder seasons” most destinations experience – that ideal combination of still-nice weather, smaller crowds, and lower prices.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only person who has clued into the benefits of shoulder season travel, so you might find it more difficult to score a bargain-basement travel deal this fall than you have in years past. The deals are still out there, and the prices remain more appealing overall than high-season prices, but it definitely pays to do your homework in advance.

The articles linked below are all geared toward helping you find travel deals for the fall, whether you’re going to the popular autumn destinations or not.