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Expedia Holiday Bonus


The holiday season is knocking on our doors and I am willing to bet that most of you are already starting to book flights for this occasion. When you book your round trip holiday flight on Expedia, you get $200 coupon to use in early 2011.

All you need to do is book the round trip flight by December 20, 2010 for travel by January 3, 2011. The coupon can be used on flight and hotel vacations of 5 or more nights which can be redeem through March 31, 2011 for travel through April 30, 2011.

>> Here you can find more details about the offer.

Southwest Airlines: Houston to Denver for $69 One-way


October usually brings the first snowfall in Denver and those who daydream at their next ski holiday can start making plans. How about booking a flight to Denver with Southwest Airlines? Their latest sale is valid until November 24, 2010 and you can travel from Houston to Denver until March 11, 2011. Advance purchase required (14 days). Fares start at $69 one way and do not include some taxes and fees. Fares are valid for travel everyday except on Sundays.

Read more details about the deal here.

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Student Travel Deals

When you’re a student, it just so happens that it’s an excellent time to travel. It might seem like you’d have too much else going on – all that school and whatnot – and wouldn’t have the budget required to get out and see the world.

But unless you’re doing summer school or you don’t believe in Spring Break, you’ll have periods built into your year that are tailor-made for taking trips. And thankfully there are travel discounts that only students can take advantage of that make traveling when you’re still in school a more feasible option.

Here are some articles that will help you find great deals on travel when you’re a student.

How to Find Student Discounts on Travel

It’s easy to have dreams of being a student traveler before you enter college and are suddenly faced with overpriced textbooks, buying your own food, and mounting student loans. But you don’t have to have a trust fund in order to travel when you’re a student. You just need to know how to make your student status work for you.

Students are entitled to all kinds of travel discounts all over the world, some based on age and some based on enrollment in a university. By choosing more budget-friendly destinations and making sure you’re getting student discounts whenever possible, you can enjoy the perks of traveling while you’re still in school.

Here are some of the ways to get student travel discounts.

College Bowl Games Travel Deals

Football lovers like just about any excuse to go see a game live and in person, but when you’re talking about a bowl game in the BCS then it’s even better. Sure, it’s always more fun if your school’s team is in one of the bowl games, but even if you’re technically a neutral it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the game anyway.

If seeing one of the BCS bowl games is on your agenda this year, then here are some articles designed to help you save money on your trip. Visiting any of the four cities that regularly host college bowl games doesn’t have to cost a fortune, although it can easily cost more than it should.

Do a little bit of research before it’s time to book your trip and you’ll be more prepared to scope out the good deals and know when to say no.

>> The dates for the BCS games for the 2011 – 2012 season are – Jan 2 (Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl), Jan 4 (Orange Bowl), Jan 3 (Sugar Bowl) and Jan 9 (National Championship Game, New Orleans)

College Bowl Game Vacation Packages: Do the Math

Traveling for major sporting events has become big business with some tour operators. Booking a package trip used to mean you’d be traveling to somewhere with a beach and staying at a resort, or maybe taking some kind of adventure trip. But with so many people interested in traveling to see their favorite sports teams play in big tournaments, it was only a matter of time before sports vacation packages were more prevalent.

It’s easy to find package trips for any of the college bowl games in the BCS, if that’s the kind of trip you want to take. Vacation packages of any kind certainly help to take some of the stress out of trip planning, since it’s often a “one click and you’re done” situation, but you can’t take a tour provider’s word for it that theirs is the best deal out there.

If you can afford to book whatever vacation package looks good to you, then go for it. If you’re more interested in getting the best value or saving money on your trip, then you’ve got to do a little bit of work before you click that “buy” button. It’s only a two-step process, but it does involve math. (Sorry.)

>> The BCS bowl games schedule for the 2011-2012 season is: Jan 2 (Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl), Jan 4 (Orange Bowl), Jan 3 (Sugar Bowl) and Jan 9 (National Championship Game, New Orleans)

Travel Deals to BCS Bowl Games

Whatever you might think about the BCS system, there’s no denying the appeal of seeing a college bowl game if you’re a football fan or an alum of one of the schools playing. And when you combine either of those two things with the fact that the games are played in warm places during a very cold part of the year, you have the makings of a fine excuse for a trip.

As mentioned in an earlier post, there are various things you can do to find cheap airfare to college bowl games, no matter which one you want to go to. But these are four relatively popular destinations we’re talking about, so don’t be surprised if travel deals aren’t exactly coming out of the woodwork for you.

If one of the BCS bowl games is on your list this season, then it’s not a bad idea to start paying attention to the prices on trips months before the games themselves. The bad news is that you won’t necessarily know which bowl game your favorite team will be playing in until the best prices are gone. The good news is that there are only four cities you need to keep an eye on for travel deals to begin with – and if you’re as interested in a warm-weather vacation as you are a football game, you might consider just picking whichever place you want to visit most and going to the game no matter who’s playing.

>> The BCS bowl games schedule for the 2011-2012 season is: Jan 2 (Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl), Jan 4 (Orange Bowl), Jan 3 (Sugar Bowl) and Jan 9 (National Championship Game, New Orleans)

Military Travel Deals

We have posted several articles recently dedicated to helping the men and women of the US armed services (and their families) find discounts on travel. There are several ways military personnel and their dependents can travel for less than civilians, and some of them are more well-publicized than others – so we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of the tips we’ve mentioned.

In some cases, finding the military travel deals is as easy as contacting a military travel agent and letting them do the work for you. In other cases, you’ll need to do a bit more research yourself. Either way, the discounts can often be substantial – so even if it seems like it’s a headache to pursue some of these military travel deals, it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re trying to travel on a budget.

Military Deals on Cruises & Vacation Packages

In addition to military travel deals on things like airfare and accommodation, there are also special discounts afforded to members of the military, veterans, and their families on things like cruises and vacation packages.

Some cruise lines offer regular discounts to military personnel, others have seasonal discounts, and then there are some booking agencies that promise discounts even when the cruise lines themselves don’t offer military deals. With vacation packages, you can go through a military travel agent or you can look for the resorts and tour providers that offer military travel deals.

Here are a few ways to find military travel deals on cruises and vacation packages.

Las Vegas Deals for the Non-Gambler

Most of the Las Vegas travel guides out there assume that you’re visiting Vegas to gamble. They offer great tips on how to get your trip comp’d by a casino – or at least how to get dirt-cheap offers on trips from casino hotels – but almost all of the sure-fire ways to score great deals in Vegas involve being a gambler. If a casino hotel knows you’re going to be dropping lots of money in the casino, then they still come out ahead if they comp your room.

What if you’re not a gambler, though? What if you like the variety of activities in Vegas, but you’re never going to be enough of a gambler for a casino to offer you freebies? Thankfully, there are still Las Vegas deals that you can take advantage of.