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Hawaiian Airlines: “Secret Season” Winter Sale

Hawaiian Airlines

The period between the Winter Holidays and the Spring Break is part of the low travel season and when airlines struggle to get customers. Hawaiian Airlines has come with a special winter sale which lasts between January 14 and January 19, 2010. The travel dates are until November 3, 2010.

Some examples of round trip fares include:

  • Los Angeles – Honolulu $368
  • Phoenix – Honolulu $338
  • Portland – Honolulu $388
  • San Francisco – Honolulu $358
  • San Jose – Honolulu $358
  • Portland – Maui $288

Read more details about the special offer here .

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JetBlue Shake up the New Years Sale: Fares start at $39

JetBlue SaleThe New Year just started and for the travelers it makes new opportunities to get to visit interesting places.

JetBlue is definitely going to help you cut the budget and do more travel with their first sale in 2010 one way fares start at $39.

Here are some examples of prices available throughout the sale:

  • From Aruba starting at $139
  • From Boston starting at $39/$44
  • From Chicago starting at $67/$79
  • From Fort Lauderdale starting at $49
  • From Las Vegas starting at $39/$49
  • From New York starting at $49/$59
  • From Orlando starting at $59

So if you plan to go on a Caribbean vacation or want to travel across the United States, JetBlue will help you find the best fare.

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Should you buy World Cup package travel deals or not?

worldcup3Budget travelers are always looking for ways to save money when they venture out into the world – and smart budget travelers know that sometimes booking a vacation package is the best way to do just that. Anytime there’s a big event – in this case, I’m talking about the World Cup – the travel industry comes out in force to provide more vacation package options than you can shake a stick at, and many of them look really tempting. But are they really the great deal the ads say they are?

Vacation packages make travel shopping easy, it’s true – you get everything booked for your trip in one fell swoop. Vacation prep, done and dusted. But they’re counting on you thinking like that instead of stepping back for a moment to compare package prices with what it would cost to book each piece of the deal individually. Unfortunately, as boring as this might sound, it’s exactly what you need to do to make sure you’re actually going to save money by booking the package.

In the end, if the convenience factor means more to you than the budget factor, then a package might still be the way to go regardless of the savings (or lack thereof) – but this is definitely something to be aware of when you’re shopping around.

>> The next World Cup events are: Women’s World Cup in 2011, Men’s World Cup in 2014

Philippine Airlines Round Trip Fares starting at $204

airplane-from-belowThere isn’t really any reason not to travel during this time of economic crisis. Actually, there are a lot of reasons to travel! Most (if not all) airlines offer a lot of deals, making sure they fill their airplanes.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Travel Deals

snowsculptureWe’ve been preparing you for your trip to see the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 with a series of articles this past week, and rather than risk you missing one of them – and thereby missing valuable information – we wanted to gather them all in one place so you could find them easily.

So consider this your “table of contents,” if you will, to our 2010 Olympics travel tips.

But along with links to the other articles already written in this series, you’ll also find a few things you should know about flying to Vancouver for the Olympics at the bottom of this article – it’s stuff you may already be aware of, but it’s worth taking a look just in case.

Las Vegas Hotel Deals

lasvegasstrip1Whether you love Vegas or hate it, or hate to love it and love to hate it like I do, Las Vegas has certainly been home to some jaw-dropping amazing travel deals lately. As one of the cities that’s been hardest hit by the economic recession (conventions that were once constant in the city have slowed way down and leisure travelers have stopped coming in such large numbers), Las Vegas has been struggling to fill up its hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms lately. This means that many of these Vegas hotels are offering up super steep discounts, offering great promotions and even giving away huge resort credits when you book a room, all in an effort to attract more people to Sin City. Las Vegas Vacation Deals
Save up to 50% on Las Vegas Vacation Packages. Book today!

How to get the best online travel deals

onlinetravelWhen we look back on recent history in a hundred years, we will probably divide time into pre-internet revolution  and post-internet revolution.€ This not entirely unlike how we now look at history in terms of pre and post Industrial Revolution.

The internet has changed how we do almost everythinghow we connect to and communicate to others, how we post classifieds, how we do research, how we travel and more. We are now in an era where booking travel online seems to be about the only way to do it these days. But with the dawn of the internet and Web 2.0, it can be pretty easy to get lost in all the noise out there and be left wondering how you actually go about finding the best travel deals online. Here are a few tips on how to get the best airfares, cheapest hotel rooms and discounted vacation packages using the web:

Score travel deals on Twitter

twitterYou may have dismissed Twitter as yet another online space for blatant self-promotion, but it turns out there is a whole lot more use for Twitter than simply keeping up to date on what Lindsay Lohan ate for breakfast or where Ashton Kutcher woke up this morning. Twitter can also be a powerful tool used for saving money and scoring travel deals. It may even change how exactly you go about making your travel plans.

For example, discount carrier JetBlue has a twitter feed which only announces deals on last-minute flights every Mondayand they aren’t the only airline who has started offering up special fares and promotions via Twitter. (Follow @JetBlueCheeps for the weekly deals)

The greatest part about finding travels on Twitter? You can choose your level of participation on the social networking site. Don’t feel like sending your daily thoughts out into Twitterland? Than simply choose to follow sites and companies that offer up deals via Twitter and check the site exclusively when you are on the prowl for travels deals or in the midst of planning your next vacation. No tweets about your life necessary.

Hot Deals in the Caribbean

beach1Temperatures may be getting cooler outside, but deals on Caribbean vacations just keep heating up. With summer quickly fading, the leaves starting to change and fall officially making its arrival, prices in the Caribbean just keep getting cheaper. In fact, some prices on all-inclusive vacations have gotten so low, you’ll be practically SAVING money with all the included food and drinks at buffets and bars.

Cheap Caribbean is offering sale prices on some Caribbean getaways that start as low as $249 per person for 4 nights PLUS air. Yes, some of these vacation packages are really that cheap. In fact, Cheap Caribbean is offering savings up to 75% regular prices, making it possible to get rock-bottom prices on vacations to a variety of beautiful (and warm) locales in the Caribbean. SALE SEARCH Find your PERFECT vacation at an UNBEATABLE price

Cheap Europe travel deals

eiffeltowerUnless you’ve been living in a fallout shelter for the past 18 months, you are quite aware that we are in an economic recession. And, with news swirling around about layoffs, failed businesses, foreclosures and more, it may be no surprise that the travel industry is also hurting. The result has been lower airfares and cut-rate hotel rooms. In fact, an article from the Business Standard reports that global hotel prices drop 17% to their lowest in 5 yearsand hotels in Europe and the U.S. have been especially hard hit.

So, what does this mean for us? Now is actually a great time to take advantage of some stellar travel deals and travel. If you take advantage of some of the low prices on airfare to Europe, Priceline is now offering discounted hotel rooms at many European hotels. PricelineEurope.com – Discounted Hotels in 63 Countries Worldwide