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by Roger Wade

July 27th, 2009

Current Expedia Promotions

Getting a discount when booking with Expedia

Since profit margins for flight booking are so low, Expedia doesn’t always offer huge savings off the airlines’ normal published fares. What they do offer regularly, however, are tempting discounts on package vacations, out-of-season hotels, or similar promotions. And if you find a great deal on an Expedia trip that doesn’t include airfare, at least you have the convenience of booking your flight without leaving the site.

Throughout the year Expedia offers special deals combining round-trip flights, hotels, and sometimes car rentals. As winter approaches they’ll offer packages to ski resorts and tropical beach areas, and as summer comes on they’ll offer packages to Europe, Asia, as well as some popular North American destinations.

Expedia does offer some really great deals on these package vacations so it’s worth having a look if you are thinking of that kind of trip, or even if you just like daydreaming about traveling. Just take a look through the links at the top of this page to see if any of the current promotions catch your eye.

What makes Expedia different than other online booking sites

Many of the online travel booking sites are similar with regard to their main features, so it’s often the little things that make one stand out over another. Sometimes it’s about your user experience, and sometimes it’s about what the site offers. Here are a few of the nice features Expedia offers:

  • Expedia is easy to use.
  • There are no Expedia booking fees on flights.
  • Expedia’s old ThankYou Points program was a travel rewards program, and although that’s been retired they’re launching a new Expedia-specific travel rewards program to take its place.
  • Expedia has a Flight Price Matcher” feature which is similar to Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” feature.
  • There’s a Fare Compare tool which will show you the fares other Expedia users have found for the route you’re planning to travel.
  • Expedia has a mobile app, TripAssist, available for the iPhone. For all other mobile users, there’s an optimized version of the site.
  • There’s an Expedia CitiBank MasterCard to help you earn points on Expedia even more quickly.
  • There are localized versions of Expedia in Europe and extensive coverage in Asia, in addition to the North American site.

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How Expedia Coupons & Promotion Codes Work

There once was a time when Expedia and other travel booking sites had occasional coupons where you might save $50 off a flight or 20% off a hotel, even when booked at the lowest rate. Those days are pretty much over, but that hasn’t stopped dozens of sites from promoting Expedia coupon codes to draw in budget-conscious web surfers.

Whenever you go to book something on Expedia you’ll see a field where you can enter a coupon code that will, you assume, lower your price. This is, understandably, a field you want to try to fill in if at all possible, right? Of course it is. What this means is that before you book your trip, you go searching all over the web trying to find one of those elusive coupon codes. Unfortunately, this is typically a search that ends in vain.

You’ll find that many sites which list Expedia coupon codes will only have links to deals – but they will either be for some other kind of ticket, or expired, or both. Some sites that claim to have Expedia coupon codes only offer the same deals Expedia has available through a variety of other sources, and usually there is no actual coupon code involved.

If you are a savvy traveler and you’ve used Expedia’s many features to get the absolute lowest price on a flight or hotel room, the chances of finding an Expedia coupon code to further reduce your fare are about the same as your chances of winning a free iPod by clicking a flashing banner ad at the right moment. Search all you want, but with razor-thin airline seat profit margins there is essentially no room for them to whack another chunk of money off your fare.

If you’d like to know more about how to find the best deal on Expedia, take a look at our how-to guide on finding the best prices on Expedia airline tickets.

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  1. comment top image

    I figured I wasn’t going to find a coupon to knock another $20 off, you summed it up rather well. I’ll check out the link to saving tips on how to use their site to save. I generally just find Thursdays to be cheapest, especially when looking ahead. Oh well, can’t get much cheaper than $140 on a one way flight, I’d love to see $120 though haha.

  2. comment top image

    after reading this page, i searched and within 3 minutes, i had bagged a Ā£30GBP discount, so I’d suggest that this article should be taken with a pinch of salt – and search around – there ARE deals out there.

  3. comment top image

    This information is somewhat misleading; I almost always find a coupon and have saved anything from $40 to $100 on hotel stays. It is true regarding airfares (no discounts), but the travel sites have a lot more lattitude when it comes to hotels.

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