4th of July Travel Deals

by Jessica

March 8th, 2010

july4_2Maybe you’re super patriotic and you never miss celebrating America’s birthday in style. Maybe you’re just a big pyromaniac who’ll take any excuse to see fireworks. In truth, you don’t need a reason to want to fly somewhere special for the 4th of July – just the desire for a summer trip is enough in my book.

But when you’re looking for Independence Day travel deals, you have a few things working against you. Summer travel tends to cost more in general, and because it’s a holiday there are more people traveling. But that doesn’t mean you have no options to find better travel deals or to avoid the hassle of holiday travel.

In fact, you’re in the right place to find all the 4th of July travel information you’ll need. We’ve published a few Independence Day travel articles over the last week, and we didn’t want you to miss them – so consider this your table of contents to July 4th travel tips.

>> July 4th is a Wednesday in 2012. 

How to Find Cheap Airfare for the 4th of July

Finding deals on airfare is probably your first concern when you’re booking a trip – and with good reason. It can be harder to find deals when you’re traveling for a holiday like July 4th, but it’s definitely not impossible. In this article, we talked about all the things to do to find the best deals on airline tickets.

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Airport Travel Tips for the 4th of July

Yes, most people stay close to home for Independence Day, or they take road trips. But the airports are still going to be busier over the holiday because there are still plenty of folks who are using it as a reason for a longer trip. So before you head to the airport, arm yourself with these tips to make the trip less of a headache.

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Best Places to Go for the 4th of July

Your home town might have a July 4th celebration that’s straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, but if you’re craving something on a grander scale then these US cities are the ones to consider. Not only do they have some of the best fireworks displays in the country, they also have other things going on to keep you entertained during the day, too.

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Check Budget Airlines in the US

No matter where you decide to fly for the 4th of July, it’s a very good idea to see if any of the nation’s budget airlines serve your destination airport. You may not get 4-star treatment on a budget carrier, but since the bigger airlines aren’t offering that kind of service in coach anymore anyway, you can at least save money on your ticket with a low-cost airline!

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Look for Alternate Airports in the US

Another thing to check with your destination is how many airports there are serving the city. Especially with the bigger cities in the country, you’ll find more than one airport that’s close by – and sometimes it’s not the largest airport that has the best prices on airfare.

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