April Travel Deals

by Jessica

November 4th, 2010

Travelers in the know don’t need to be told about the benefits of traveling during shoulder seasons. But not all shoulder seasons are created equally. Visiting Paris in March, for instance, could mean far wetter weather than if you waited a few weeks and went in April. Thankfully, since it’s still in the shoulder season, you can still find April travel deals in abundance most of the time.

Obviously if you’re planning an April trip around one of the spring holidays or hoping to visit one of the more popular places to visit in the spring then you might find higher prices on things like hotel rooms and airfare – which means doing your homework and researching the best ways to save money on spring airfare is even more important.

By far the most popular holiday for traveling that routinely falls in April is Easter. For many, Easter is a time to stick close to home – but if your family is far away then it can be an important time to make a trip to be with them. In some places, it’s also one of the biggest holidays on the calendar each year, making it a fascinating (albeit crowded) time to be a visitor. For instance, Easter in Italy is an even bigger deal than Christmas in Italy – and although many major attractions are closed for a few days, it can be really interesting to see how a country treats such an important holiday. Even if you’re just flying home to celebrate the holiday with family, however, it’s a good idea to hunt down the best Easter travel deals you can.

April also marks the starts of the music festival season. Most of the big annual music and arts festivals are during the summer, but one can get away with occuring in mid-April each year because it’s in the southern California desert. We’re talking about Coachella, of course, and heading to southern California in the middle of April is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a summer’s worth of music festivals elsewhere in the country. Among the tips you’ll find when looking up Coachella Music Festival travel deals is the list of nearby airports you can use to get to the festival – luckily, you have a few choices.

Of course, if you’re just in the mood to take a trip in April and you’re not traveling for a particular holiday or event, then you might want to look into your options for last minute airfare deals. If you have your sights set on a particular destination or resort for your trip, then browsing last minute travel options probably won’t work – but if you’re more open-minded about where you could go for a break then you might be shocked by how low the prices on last minute trips can be.

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