Champions League Travel Deals

by Jessica

February 1st, 2011

For some people traveling to a major sporting event is only going to be fun if your team is playing in said event. For other people, the event itself is enough of a big deal that it’s worth the trip regardless of who’s playing.

The UEFA Champions League final is the kind of sporting event that draws both fans of the teams participating and general sports fans who just want to take in the spectacle – and since the game usually takes place in Europe’s biggest stadiums in some of the most interesting cities, it’s a good opportunity to combine a trip to a big game with a holiday.

Since tickets to the Champions League final alone are going to put a serious dent in your bank account, you’ve really got to plan well in order to save money on the trip to see the game. If you’re already in Europe, you’re one step ahead of things – but if not, then you’ll need to be even more savvy.

Here are some tips to help you find Champions League travel deals.

>> The 2012 Champions League final is on May 19 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany.

How to Find Cheap Airfare to the Champions League Final

Since your first order of business when it comes to attending a sporting event in a city you don’t live in is getting there, and since you probably aren’t made of money, here are some tips to help you save cash on your flight to get to Europe for the Champions League final.

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Munich Travel Deals

Munich isn’t the tourist magnet that some other European cities are – such as London or Paris – but it is home to Germany’s second-busiest airport and one of the world’s most famous festivals. In other words, it’s a city well-equipped to handle an influx of travelers such as the ones who’ll flood the city for the Champions League final. Keep an eye on the page linked below, which is regularly updated with the latest deals to Munich – including airfare, hotels, and even vacation packages.

>> Keep track of up-to-date travel deals to Munich

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