Chinese New Year Travel Deals

by Jessica

January 11th, 2011

cny3Whether the Chinese New Year has a special cultural significance for you or you’re just looking for another holiday to celebrate with a trip somewhere, we’re here for you. We’ve published a few articles recently about how to save money on your airfare for a Chinese New Year trip, and also about some of the best places around the world to go for the holiday.

But rather than risk you missing out on one of the articles we’ve already published, we’ve put together this round-up that includes links to all of them so you won’t miss a thing. We’ve also included links to other more general tips that will still help you save money on your travels.

And the good news is that even if you miss out on celebrating Chinese New Year in grand style this year, it comes around every year about this time – so you’ve got many more chances to get it right.

>> Chinese New Year in 2012 is on February 3

How to Find Cheap Airfare for Chinese New Year

The biggest expense of any trip is almost always your airfare, so if you can find a good deal on airfare that helps you keep your whole trip within budget. There are some things you can do regardless of where or you’re traveling to keep your ticket price down, but when you’re traveling for a specific holiday it’s even more important to pay attention to these tips.

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Best Places to Go for Chinese New Year

You might assume that the best place to go to celebrate Chinese New Year is China – but although the whole country will celebrate the holiday, it’s traditionally spent with family and friends, so it’s less of a big public to-do that visitors can get involved with. Unless, of course, you’re in Hong Kong – that’s the city that tops our list of the best places to celebrate the Chinese New Year, but check out some of the other places, too, since some of them might be closer to home for you.

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Look for Budget Airlines

Even frequent travelers don’t always know about the smaller – and cheaper – airlines that can sometimes help you save money when you travel. Sure, some of those airlines are more well-known and will therefore be airlines that nearly everyone has heard of, but others are more apt to be regional carriers that just cover small portions of a country or perhaps a particular region. It’s these airlines you don’t want to leave out of your search for cheap fares, as they may offer some of the best deals around.

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Check Alternate Airports

Many big cities around the world have more than one airport serving them, and sometimes it’s not the main gateway that has the better deals on airfare. This can be because one airport is favored more by those budget airlines mentioned above, or because one airport is a little further from the city center – but unless you know the area well, you may not know which airports are more apt to have cheaper fares. Which means checking all the airports serving a city is usually your best bet.

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