December Travel Deals

by Jessica

August 12th, 2010

Although most people who are hunting for December travel deals are doing so because they’re making obligatory visits home to see family for the holidays, that’s certainly not the only reason people are traveling in December. And since the December holidays only cover a week or so of the month, there are three other weeks leading up to that when you might decide to take a trip. December is about more than the holidays, after all.

Since the December holidays are the biggest reason most people travel during the month, however, we’re going to start there.

Finding travel deals for Christmas and travel deals for New Years is often tricky. It’s a fixed date on the calendar, and the travel industry knows most of us are sort of stuck traveling at particular times. Unless you can get out of holiday travel entirely or your family lives close enough so as to not require flights or overnights in hotels, you’ll be paying more for your holiday trip than you’d pay for a similar trip at another time of the year. You don’t have to pay full price, however, if you learn these tricks for how to find cheap airfare at Christmas and how to find cheap airfare for New Years – including figuring out which are the best and worst days to travel over each of those holidays.

Those of you who won’t be flying home for the holidays or are just planning a trip for earlier in December have a better chance of finding some great December travel deals. There are often screamingly good deals to places that actually have warmer weather in December, and even more options if you’re planning a trip to a destination where it’s going to be cold in December. The latter trip may require you to pack a sweater instead of a bikini, but if you choose wisely and you’re headed for a museum-heavy city then you’ll probably be indoors a lot anyway, so why not?

Keep in mind that some cold-weather places will still be on the expensive side in December, because that’s when they’re the most popular. You might have a harder time finding ski travel deals, for instance, than you would finding deals to Italy in December. For some people, if the getaway itself it more important than the destination, you might want to keep an eye out for last minute travel deals – your selection may be limited, but the prices are often unbeatable.

photo by Joao Maximo

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