Disney World Travel Deals

by Jessica

June 22nd, 2010

disneyworldA cursory glance at the search results for “Disney World travel deals” makes it abundantly clear that sifting through all of what’s out there on the subject is a daunting task. There’s no shortage of available offers for vacation packages, websites that seem to be official Disney vacation planners, and random sites that just profess loads of Disney knowledge. You could certainly pore through all of this information, but I daresay you’d be pretty exhausted by the time you were done and very well might need a vacation after your Disney vacation.

Unless you entrust all of your vacation planning to a travel agent, you’re going to need to do at least some research to find the best Disney World travel deals for your trip – but there are ways to cut through all the chatter and get what you need to plan a great trip without breaking the bank.

Going Straight to the Mouse’s Mouth

It’s not always the best idea to go directly to the websites of tourist destinations to find the best deals (although it’s usually advisable to at least check those sites), but Disney’s official site actually has pretty good deals. They regularly run promotions for things like free dining with a certain number of nights booked at a Disney resort hotel or kids getting a free stay. The official Disney World travel deals tend to be seasonal promotions, although they’re often good for several months – so you usually have a little time to plan a trip. And the official site has everything from full vacation package deals to special offers on certain components of a Disney vacation. Just go to the “Special Offers” section of the Disney site.

Look to the Airlines for Promotions, Too

In addition to Disney World offering special deals for traveling to the theme park, the airlines that fly to Orlando also often run deals in conjunction with Disney that allow kids to fly free. If you don’t see the ads on TV (they’re not usually shy about running them), check directly with the airlines that fly from your home airport to see if they’re running any Disney promotions or can tell you if there will be a promotion coming up.

Weigh the Options of Staying at a Disney Property

A trip to Disney World doesn’t have to include a stay at a Disney hotel, but your decision on whether or not to stay in an on-site property should be about more than just price. Yes, offsite hotels are often cheaper. So if cost is your primary concern and the price of the hotel could be the difference between going and not going, then an offsite hotel is probably the way to go. Staying at an onsite property usually wins in the convenience argument, however, as there’s little to no driving necessary, and it can increase the Disney experience if you’re not staying in a generic chain hotel. A compromise option is to book an offsite hotel that offers free shuttle service back and forth from Disney World, thereby allowing you to save a little money on accommodation and still not have to navigate your way back and forth from the theme park.

Learn from Those Who Have Gone Before

Most of the people who flood through Disney World’s gates each year come and go without writing a single blog post or travel tips article about their experience. But some people are dedicated Disney watchers, and have established themselves as good resources for all things Disney. Sites like Dreams Unlimited (dreamsunlimitedtravel.com) are travel agents that specialize in Disney travel, so if after you sort through all the info you’re still left feeling overwhelmed, they can help you out with well-sorted information and the option to let them create the perfect itinerary for you (at a price, of course). Then there are sites like Mouse Savers (mousesavers.com) that are distinctly less slick but are totally geared toward finding the best Disney World travel deals available.

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