Fall Travel Deals

by Jessica

August 4th, 2011

We hear so often that we should avoid traveling during the high season – which is typically summer – that you’d have every right to feel smart when you start planning your next vacation for the fall. The autumn, after all, is one of the two “shoulder seasons” most destinations experience – that ideal combination of still-nice weather, smaller crowds, and lower prices.

Unfortunately, you’re not the only person who has clued into the benefits of shoulder season travel, so you might find it more difficult to score a bargain-basement travel deal this fall than you have in years past. The deals are still out there, and the prices remain more appealing overall than high-season prices, but it definitely pays to do your homework in advance.

The articles linked below are all geared toward helping you find travel deals for the fall, whether you’re going to the popular autumn destinations or not.

How to Find Cheap Fall Airfare

Airfare is the biggest expense of most trips, so it makes sense to start with that to save money on your fall trip. Finding cheap fall airfare is usually easier than finding cheap summer airfare, but there are still some tricks that are helpful to know and that could save you even more money.

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How to Find Fall Travel Deals to Popular Places

Popular summer destinations may be more crowded, but there are some places that draw people like magnets in the fall. If you’re targeting one of those popular fall destinations, you’ll want to read these tips for finding deals to places that aren’t exactly off the beaten path.

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Fall Holidays Travel Deals

You may know about some of the holidays that happen in the fall that make for good trips – like Oktoberfest or Thanksgiving – but there are others tucked into the fall season that you can easily craft a trip around.

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Travel Deals for Specific Months

Are you hunting for deals on trips in certain months, not a whole season? These articles should help you out.

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