Father’s Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

March 14th, 2011

There are all sorts of reasons to travel over Father’s Day weekend – you might be headed home for a surprise visit to see Dad on his special day, or you might be a dad planning a trip with your kids. Heck, you might be a dad planning a trip with your friends to get away from your kids!

No matter what the reason is behind your trip, the first task of any travel deal-hunter is to find a good price on an airplane ticket.

While finding cheap airfare is usually at the top of any traveler’s list, it becomes more important when you’re traveling when flights aren’t at their lowest prices. Special events and holidays tend to make the prices on air tickets go up, so flying for Father’s Day is already potentially problematic. Add to this the fact that Father’s Day falls in June, one of the most popular travel months for the Northern Hemisphere, and you’ve got additional issues – finding summer travel deals can get pretty complicated.

In order to get a better deal on airfare, you might try to plan your trip for a weekend that isn’t Father’s Day weekend – Dad will appreciate a visit any time, and if you can get a cheaper flight either right before or after the official holiday, then you’ll have money leftover to pick up a special gift for Dad, too. If you can’t change your travel dates, then be sure to read the article linked below to find out what the best tips are to get a better deal on an air ticket over Father’s Day.

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Note that Father’s Day in 2012 is on June 17th.

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