February Travel Deals

by Jessica

August 11th, 2010

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere whose birthdays fall in February, repeatedly hearing that February is the dreariest month of the year – regardless of whether it’s true or not – is never fun. We understand, the cold weather or dampness has finally gotten to be too much, and the distractions of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are long past, so it’s only natural that you’d be itching to get away from it all by February. We fully support the February travel idea – just stop telling February birthday people how dreary the month is, okay?

In all seriousness, February can be an excellent time to travel, because it’s still the low season in many parts of the world – including quite popular ones – so you’re more likely to find great February travel deals.

There are several holidays that tend to happen during February, at least in part, which can make good excuses to travel (if you need excuses, that is). Some of those holidays include:

  • Super Bowl Travel Deals – The date of the Super Bowl changes, but in recent years it’s been in early February. And since the location tends to be in the southern part of the U.S. in a warmer place, it’s a nice getaway from cold winter weather.
  • Venice Carnival Travel Deals – A February visit to Venice is by no means an escape from cold weather, but the Venice Carnival (Carnevale in Italian) is a fabulous reason to visit the canal city.
  • Brazil Carnival Travel Deals – For a warmer destination in which to celebrate Carnival, look no further than Brazil. There are different places within the country that are good for Carnival parties, but they’re all in the hemisphere for which February means warm weather.
  • Mardi Gras Travel Deals – Perhaps the happy medium when it comes to all things carnival might be to head for New Orleans. It’s in the south, so it’s warmer in February than (let’s say) Minnesota, and it doesn’t require an overseas flight. Plus, there’s still an excellent party.
  • Valentine’s Day Travel Deals – If you’ve got a sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is always a good reason for a getaway. And if you don’t, it might be the perfect time to get away from all the couples – just be sure to pick a place that won’t be covered in lovebirds.

There are other events and holidays that sometimes fall in February, too, although they’re a bit more of a moving target. But if you’re looking for Chinese New Year travel deals, or NBA All-Star Weekend travel deals (and those happen to fall in February this year) then your month of travel opportunities just got even more full.

A couple things to keep in mind if you’re planning a February trip and you want to score cheap airfare or a good deal:

  • If you’re traveling over one of the holidays listed above, the fact that it’s low season in much of the world may not matter – the holiday rush may trump the low season. This is when you’ll want to do your research well in advance, or take a chance on a last minute trip.
  • If you’re more interested in a great deal than a specific destination, look at places where February means winter weather – it may be chilly in Paris in February, but the prices can be outstanding. On the other hand, it may be tougher to find ski travel deals in February at the popular slopes. It’s all about picking the un-popular places in February if you’re really hunting for bargains.

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