Girls Weekend Travel Deals

by Jessica

March 7th, 2011

It probably doesn’t take much encouragement for groups of girlfriends to jump at the idea of a girls getaway. Even if it’s just a short break away from the regular routine, it’s refreshing to surround yourself with your best gal pals and pamper yourselves – whether that means getting a mani/pedi while sipping a martini or telling stories around a campfire.

Planning a girls getaway weekend trip can be a headache, as any group trip can be – so many personalities to consider, so many lists of things people want to do and see… If you’ve been assigned the task of figuring it all out for your group of girlfriends, we sympathize – and we hope the articles listed below will help you get the job done more quickly.

How to Find Cheap Airfare for Girls Getaways

When the biggest line item of any travel budget is the airfare, it makes sense to try to find the best deal possible on your flight. That not only saves you money overall, it leaves you more of your travel funds for fun stuff like spa treatments, shopping, or fancy dinners.

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Great Ideas for Girls Weekend Trips

Yes, the common images when most of us think of girls getaways involve spas and shopping – but that is by no means the only kind of girls weekend. Any trip you take with your girlfriends doing something you all enjoy qualifies as a girls getaway, regardless of whether the travel industry recognizes it as such.

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Girls Getaway Package Trips: What You Should Know

Wrangling any group of travelers can be a challenge, even if they’re all friends with similar interests. This is one reason booking a package trip for your girls weekend is so appealing. There are other things that make it a good option, as well as one thing you definitely need to consider before you click the “buy” button.

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