Glastonbury Festival Travel Deals

by Jessica

April 12th, 2010

glastonbury2The summer music festival scene hasn’t been the same since 1970 when the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts – usually just the Glastonbury Festival for short – first entered into the world. It’s the biggest outdoor music festival in the world, and attracts more than 175,000 people to a farm in southwestern England each June. And when we say “farm,” we’re not using the term lightly – the festival site is Worthy Farm, which, for 362 days out of the year, is a working dairy farm.

The Glastonbury Festival spans three days at the end of June every year, and takes its name from the nearby town of Glastonbury six miles away. The town and the region have long been thought of as a spiritual center (especially for “New Age” spirituality), making it an ideal location for a festival of music and other performing arts. The festival began in 1970, but it didn’t really become an institution or a regular annual event until 1981 – and still, there have been years when the festival takes its own little break to give the grounds a chance to recover a bit.

Music festival lovers will no doubt have the Glastonbury Festival on their lifetime to-do list, as it attracts top-notch entertainment from many different musical genres and is an excellent opportunity to experience the communal fun of such a huge music festival. In this article, we’ve got links to help you travel to the Glastonbury Festival without spending your life savings. You’ll find information here about finding cheap airfare to the festival, which airports to look at for flights, and how to get there.

>> There is no festival in 2012. The Glastonbury Festival opens June 26, 2013

How to Find Cheap Airfare to the Glastonbury Festival

The biggest expense of just about any trip is the airline tickets – and if you’re coming from somewhere other than England for the Glastonbury Festival, that’s still likely to be the case. You may luck out if you’re flying to the festival from elsewhere in Europe, because there are often great deals on discount airlines, but these tips will help you find cheap airfare no matter where you’re coming from.

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Airports Close to the Glastonbury Festival

The festival’s official website lists one airport they recommend if you’re flying to the festival – but there are other airports you can consider in order to broaden your search for cheap fares. This article covers the airports that are close to the festival grounds, and also lists the major London airports that are the likely entry points for people coming from overseas.

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How to Get to the Glastonbury Festival

Even if you fly to the closest airport to the festival grounds, you’ll still have to get to the festival itself by means of some other form of transport. This article covers all your options – including driving, taking a coach, taking the train, or even riding your bike or motorcycle.

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