June Travel Deals

by Jessica

November 30th, 2010

In the Northern Hemisphere, June marks the start of the summer travel season. Work schedules for many people slow down a bit, and the kids are out of school – it’s no wonder it’s such a popular time to travel. But as anyone who has tried to plan a trip in June knows, this is also when prices on things like airfare and hotel rooms goes way up. It becomes significantly more difficult to find cheap international flights for June trips than it was to find cheap flights in April or even early May.

Does this mean you throw in the towel and abandon the idea of a June trip altogether? Of course not. It may mean you’ve got to budget a bit more for your vacation, but if you plan well enough in advance you can track down June travel deals that will help you avoid paying full price for your trip.

As if it weren’t enough that travel prices rise generally in June, we also know that prices rise around holidays and special events. June isn’t as jam-packed with national holidays as some months, but there are still a couple of major music festivals to consider, not to mention Father’s Day.

Bonnaroo starts up in early June, and for those of you who want another excuse to head across the pond there’s always the legendary Glastonbury Festival. Be sure to check out how to find Bonnaroo Festival travel deals and Glastonbury Festival travel deals well in advance, however, so you stay within your budget. And no matter where you are, there’s nothing like a surprise trip home to see Dad on Father’s Day – leave a few days early so you don’t get stuck with a more expensive Thursday or Friday fare.

Planning ahead for a big June vacation is advisable, especially if you’d like to go to a popular summertime destination. Summer travel deals to places like Europe can be found, but they’re more scarce since demand is so high. If you don’t have your heart set on a particular destination, you might take a look at a list of cheaper destinations for summer travel – places where it’s shoulder season in the summer months – to stretch your travel budget. In June, you could find great deals to places like East Africa, Australia, and parts of South America, as well as some places in the Caribbean. Even Mexico is cheaper in June than it will be later in the summer and fall.

Another option is to play the vacation lottery, so to speak, by not planning anything in advance and just seeing what last minute travel deals are available when you want to go. You may not have your pick of destinations, but the prices are likely to be fantastic. And waiting until the last minute to find out where you’re going on holiday certainly adds a bit of spice to vacation planning!

photo by WxMom

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