Labor Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

August 3rd, 2011

laborday4Most of us can remember the joy that the first days of summer vacation brought with them – and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the sadness that came with the last vacation before school started again. Labor Day weekend is, in the United States, essentially the end of summer and the last chance most Americans have for a vacation before the December holidays.

In other words, it’s an incredibly popular time for people to get the heck out of their houses for even a couple of days – and that means all the vacation spots nearby are way more popular than usual.

With popular travel dates and destinations come higher-than-average travel prices, so finding Labor Day travel deals gets more challenging the longer you wait to plan your trip. Here are some articles to help you figure out your Labor Day travel plans, whether you’re booking a few days in advance or several months ahead, and we hope these tips will save you some cash in the process.

>> Labor Day in 2013 is on Monday, September 3rd.

>> And if you’re looking for other holidays we’ve covered, have a scroll through our Holiday Travel tips category and see what pops up!

How to Find Cheap Labor Day Airfare

Finding a great deal over Labor Day weekend might not be as challenging as finding a cheap ticket on Thanksgiving, but it’s still not a bad idea to do your homework and find out the best ways to get the best deals. Because although some of these tips might be things you’d think of already, some might be new to you.

For instance – to get Labor Day deals, is it better to book well in advance or wait until the last minute? Think you know the answer? Click on the link below to find out if you’re right!

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Worst and Best Days to Travel for Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is a short space of time to squeeze in a trip, and that’s even more true if you can’t get more time off from work or school than the one day of the holiday itself. Still, if you can be a little flexible with your travel dates, you might be able to take advantage of some lower airfares.

Find out what the best days and worst days to travel over the Labor Day weekend are – and happily these don’t change from year to year, since Labor Day always falls on a Monday.

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Labor Day Travel Tips for the Airport

We all have heard the horror stories of long lines and overstuffed flights on Thanksgiving weekend, but just because you haven’t heard those same stories about Labor Day weekend doesn’t mean there won’t be any lines. While most people tend to drive to their weekend celebrations over Labor Day, there are still more people flying than on a non-holiday weekend, so it’s good to be prepared.

Oh, and smart travelers, here’s a hint – these tips are good things to keep in mind whenever you travel, in order to save yourself time and money, and relieve stress in the process.

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Budget Airlines to Check for Cheap Fares

In addition to the many big airlines that fly to and fro all over the country (not to mention the world), there are also countless smaller airlines that can sometimes be your ticket to a cheaper flight. Some of those airlines are technically classified as “low-cost carriers” (also called “discount” or “budget” airlines), but others might just be regional airlines with lower overhead costs.

Whatever you call them, these smaller airlines are well worth checking to see if they’re offering better prices on the places you want to go.

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Alternate Airports to the Big US Hubs

Just as it’s a good idea to investigate your options beyond the big-name airlines, it’s also a good idea to investigate your options beyond the big-name airports. Especially if either your home airport or the airport where you’re going is serving a bigger city, the chances are there’s more than one airport around you could choose from.

A secondary airport isn’t always going to offer lower prices, but sometimes it will. And that should be a good enough reason to look, right?

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    it’s a gamble but if you can wait til last minute to book holiday airfare you can score big. chances are against you of finding a flight that isn’t full, but if there are seats open on the red eye you can sometimes snag a great deal.