March Travel Deals

by Jessica

November 3rd, 2010

Some would argue that there’s no bad time to be planning a vacation. If it means getting away from your regular routine – whether that’s work or school – taking a trip somewhere is always a good thing, right? Of course, some times of the year are better than others weather-wise, and some locations are better than others depending on when you’re traveling. For anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere, however, chances are good that by March the cravings for getting away from winter weather are so strong you’ll take just about any opportunity for a holiday.

The good news is that March travel deals aren’t as hard to come by as cheap fares might be in other months. Some months involve so much “required” travel (see November and December, especially as they relate to Thanksgiving travel and Christmas travel) that it can be quite a challenge to find a truly great deal on airfare. In March, even though there are a couple of holidays during the month, travel deals abound.

March is the start of one of the shoulder travel seasons in the world, almost no matter where you’re going – it’s the start of spring for one part of the world and the start of autumn for another part of the world, but both of those are considered shoulder seasons when travelers can expect the best balance of value for money, decent weather, and smaller crowds. In March, some of the places to look for the best deals are Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand.

Now, the holidays that happen during March can cause a spike in prices on things like airfare and hotel rooms – especially if you’re planning to travel for Spring Break to any of the popular Spring Break destinations. If you plan well you can still find great deals on Spring Break trips to even the most popular places, but if your primary goal is saving money on your trip then the best course of action might be staying away from all the Spring Break hotspots.

St. Patrick’s Day may not be as big of a travel holiday as some others on the calendar, but if you’re Irish – or you just like a good party – then that’s as much reason as you might need to hit the road for March 17th. Dublin and New York aren’t the only cities on the list of best places to go for St. Patrick’s Day, and some of the other spots might be better for your bank account. In any case, it tends to be easier to find St. Patrick’s Day travel deals than it can be to find travel deals for other holidays.

If your travel dreams in March aren’t holiday-related at all and you’re just in the mood for a vacation, then just make sure you read about how to find spring travel deals (especially how to find cheap spring airfare, since your airline ticket is likely to be the most expensive part of your trip), and don’t rule out the possibility of finding last minute travel deals, either. The list of destinations from which you can choose won’t be as long or varied if you’re starting with last minute options, but the deals are often so good you won’t mind.

photo by Wolfiewolf

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