May Travel Deals

by Jessica

November 5th, 2010

There was a time when people traveling just about anywhere in May could still enjoy shoulder-season prices and smaller crowds along with great weather. In many of the most popular destinations around the world, however, those days are long gone – May has planted itself firmly in the high season camp, leaving its shoulder season status far behind. The weather can still be excellent, and the crowds can be smaller than they are in the peak of the summer, but the prices are no longer as low as they once were. All this adds up to one thing – for anyone traveling in May it’s even more important to hunt down May travel deals.

To begin with, we know that the prices on things like airline tickets and accommodation go up around holidays – and May is full of holidays and events for which people travel. The Kentucky Derby starts things off early in May, and you don’t have to be a horse racing fan to enjoy the spectacle of the most famous horse race in the country – not to mention the spectacle of the famous hat parade. Cinco de Mayo may not be the biggest holiday on the calendar in Mexico, but it’s a popular excuse for a party in many cities around the United States. The summer music festivals season doesn’t get into full swing until June, but Washington State plays host to the Sasquatch Music Festival every May – just remember to pack a sweater, as it can get chilly in the gorge at night.

Two of the biggest holidays that occur during May are Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. While Mother’s Day doesn’t tend to be a holiday for which people travel as much as they make long-overdue phone calls to Mom, it could be the ideal time to fly home and surprise Mom with a visit instead. As for Memorial Day, as it’s essentially the weekend heralding the start of summer it’s one of the big three-day travel weekends of the year. Planning ahead for your Memorial Day trip will help you find the best deals to the most popular destinations.

Of course, there are other reasons to travel in May than just the holidays and events taking place during the month. Although – as mentioned – it’s not the shoulder season discount month that it used to be, it’s still a great time to visit popular places like Europe and Mexico before they get completely overrun with visitors in June. Even if your chosen vacation destination isn’t incredibly popular, May can still be a great time to go. And if it’s just a getaway you have in mind, with no specific city or country as a target, then taking your chances with last minute trips can be a great way to go. You’ll have fewer options for where you can go, but the prices will be almost unbeatable.

photo by Vatsek

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