Memorial Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

March 1st, 2010

memday6Memorial Day is traditionally considered the kick-off event for summer, so it’s not surprising that it’s a big weekend for holiday trips. For many people, that means a getaway to a nearby beach or the first of the season’s many camping trips. For others, it’s the perfect excuse to take advantage of travel deals before the high summer prices kick in. Whatever your reason, whatever your destination, we’d like to help you get there for less this Memorial Day.

Over the past week or so, we’ve published a few articles each meant to assist you in saving money and time when you travel for Memorial Day weekend. So now it’s time to pull them all together into one article so that you don’t miss any of this valuable and money-saving advice.

>> Memorial Day in 2012 is on Monday, May 28.

Finding Cheap Airfare for Memorial Day Weekend

Your biggest travel expense is likely to be your airfare, so getting the best deal on your flight is an excellent start to a budget vacation. Some of the tips listed here will help you save money on airfare at almost any time of the year, but some of them are particularly important when you’re traveling at a busy time of year like Memorial Day weekend.

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Best & Worst Days to Travel over Memorial Day Weekend

Although Memorial Day weekend isn’t as notoriously crammed at US airports as Thanksgiving or Christmas can be, it’s still a good idea to avoid the worst days to travel – because it will be busier than on a non-holiday weekend. Traveling on the best days may require a bit of shuffling of your vacation days, but it could be worth it.

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Travel Tips for Memorial Day Weekend at the Airport

If you’re stuck traveling on one of those “worst days,” the least you can do is learn the tricks to eliminting travel stress from your trip to the airport. Spend as little time in the airport as possible with these handy tips – and save money in the process.

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Checking Budget Airlines for Cheaper Airfare

Budget airlines can help you save quite a bit on your airfare, but you won’t always find them coming up in search results on the major booking sites. Not only that, some of them won’t be familiar to you because they’re regional carriers that don’t serve your home airport.

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Using Alternate Airports

You may know the names of the big airports serving the big cities in the US, but those cities often have at least one other area airport you could use for a trip there – and sometimes it’s that secondary smaller airport that will have the better deals on airfare.

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