Mother’s Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

February 28th, 2011

It doesn’t matter what the motivation is behind your search for a deal on flights for a Mother’s Day weekend trip. You could be planning a trip home to surprise your mom (an especially good surprise if you haven’t seen her in awhile), or you could be looking for a mini-break from your own kids at a spa for a quick getaway.

Whatever the reason you’re traveling, chances are good you’ll want to get the lowest price possible for your flight.

Finding a good deal on a flight is usually at the forefront of anyone’s mind when they’re planning a trip. It’s the biggest line item on a travel budget, so the more money you can save on a flight the better – whether you use the savings to buy a bigger bouquet of flowers for Mom or you save it for your next trip is up to you, of course.

The trouble is that the airlines know Mother’s Day is a travel weekend for many, and that could mean travel over Mother’s Day isn’t as cheap as traveling the weekend before or after. Do your research and you can find out the best ways to save on a trip over Mother’s Day weekend (or you can try convincing Mom that visiting before or after the official holiday means you love her more).

We have a whole set of tips for finding cheap airfare on Mother’s Day, so be sure to read up on that – the tips are handy no matter when you’re traveling or where you’re going, but are especially good to pay attention to when you’re traveling on a holiday.

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Also note that in 20112, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 13.

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