November Travel Deals

by Jessica

August 5th, 2010

If you pay enough attention to travel industry experts, you’ve probably heard the term “shoulder season” before. It refers to the seasons between the high season and the low season in any destination, and it tends to be when you’ll get the best travel value for your money. No, fares aren’t usually as low in the shoulder seasons as they are in the low season, but the weather is usually good enough in the shoulder seasons that you won’t feel stuck inside all day on vacation.

November is, in most parts of the world, considered part of a shoulder season – and depending on where you want to go and when in November you’re planning to travel, you could still find great November travel deals with little to no effort. Unfortunately, however, for most Americans the big November trip we end up planning is on the busiest travel weekend of the year – Thanksgiving.

Traveling in the United States around Thanksgiving can be a nightmare, and an expensive nightmare at that. Anyone who has to travel to visit family at Thanksgiving would do well to start researching their trip several months in advance and not wait too long to book flights. If you’re among the many around the world who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, then November remains an excellent time to get a good deal on flights – as long as you’re not trying to fly to the United States!

Oh, and if you’re an American who can’t pass up a good deal, you might want to peruse the prices on foreign trips around Thanksgiving. You may never hear the end of it from your mother for missing the turkey, but you’ll have a great trip at a fraction of the regular price.

>> Read more about how to find Thanksgiving travel deals if you’re traveling in the U.S., and look for other cheap flights if you’re hoping to score a great deal and get away from the annual family gathering!

photo by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

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