October Travel Deals

by Jessica

October 6th, 2010

Savvy travelers know that in order to get the most bang for your vacation buck you’ve got to avoid the seasons with the highest prices and, at the same time, avoid the seasons with the worst weather. In most parts of the world, those two seasons to avoid are summer and winter – leaving the so-called “shoulder seasons” as ideal times to travel for many people.

Spring and fall both have their charms, but for anyone who’s even an amateur foodie when they travel it’s hard to beat all the harvest and food-related things to enjoy in the fall. And while September is a great month to travel in – especially in the Northern Hemisphere where it’s still reliably warm in most places, with all that leftover heat from August – October often means even bigger savings.

Finding fall travel deals used to be easier, when September wasn’t considered part of the high season in the most popular summer destinations, but if you’re thwarted by higher prices than you once saw for September fares then skip ahead to October. October’s weather might be slightly cooler (or a lot cooler, depending on where you are), but there are plenty of reasons to take a trip in October.

For one thing, any destination that’s heading into fall will be ripe with harvest festivals and other food-related events. You don’t have to be a professional chef to enjoy that kind of thing, and in many parts of the world those food-centric activities will get you closer to the local culture, too.

For another thing, some fall destinations are at their prettiest in both September and October when the changing leaves provide the perfect picturesque backdrop to any holiday. Even if you didn’t grow up in New England, it’s easy to tuck into a mug or bowl of something hot and contemplate cuddling with your sweetie by the fire after gazing at brilliant orange and red leaves in the crisp autumn air, isn’t it?

And finally, there isn’t a long list of holidays in October that have a tendency to make airfare shoot sky-high. You get plenty of those high fares in November and December, so taking a trip in October means you get to avoid all of that. You might be interested in finding travel deals for Halloween, but you aren’t likely to find airfares skyrocketing over that holiday the way they do for some others.

Of course, if you’re planning ahead for holiday travel – like you should be if you’re trying to save money – you’ll already be researching and booking your Thanksgiving flights and Christmas trips by October. But don’t let that stop you from taking one last non-holiday-related vacation before the holiday chaos sets in. You deserve it.

photo by OakleyOriginals

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