Presidents Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

January 21st, 2011

It’s highly unlikely that the first U.S. president planned his birthday so that we could get a three-day weekend in the middle of February – right when we’re not sure we can hang on until the spring thaw – but we can certainly offer him a silent “thank you” as we take advantage of President’s Day weekend to plan a quick getaway.

President’s Day weekend is a three-day weekend for many Americans, since the holiday itself is a federal one. But even if you’re among the lucky people to have this day off of work, remember that you’re not alone – and any holiday travel can result in higher prices for things like hotel rooms and airfare (not to mention bigger crowds at many of the popular vacation destinations). So it’s important to do a bit of homework to make sure you save money on your trip.

It’s also worth pointing out that some years, President’s Day falls very close to Valentine’s Day. Whenever that’s the case, it makes travel planning a bit more complicated because you’re competing with not only the opportunistic travelers looking for any three-day weekend but also with the lovebirds trying to impress their significant others.

>> President’s Day in 2012 is Monday, February 20.

How to Find Cheap Airfare for Presidents Day Weekend

Even though President’s Day weekend is only a three-day weekend that doesn’t mean you have to stick close to home for your getaway. There are probably several places that are within a 2-3 hour flight from your home airport that would be fun to explore for a few days (and perhaps warmer than where you live). Of course, you’re not the only person who’ll be thinking about flying somewhere for the holiday weekend, so start looking for cheap flights early.

>> Read more money-saving tips in this article: Finding Cheap Flights for President’s Day Weekend

Where to Go for Presidents Day Weekend

Of course if you’re just looking for a place to get away from your routine for a three-day weekend in mid-February, any place will do. But if you’re interested in celebrating President’s Day specifically, here are a few options that might be fun places to go for President’s Day weekend:

  • Washington D.C. – This is an obvious place to spend President’s Day, but because the weather in mid-February in the nation’s capital isn’t exactly balmy it can also be a good bargain destination. And no matter what the weather’s doing, those excellent Smithsonian museums are the perfect places to escape the cold. Plus, they’re free! Find cheap flights to Washington D.C. & cheap hotels in Washington D.C.
  • Philadelphia – Another obvious choice for a President’s Day education is to go to the city where the country was born. Again, mid-February in Philadelphia isn’t part of the city’s high season, so travel deals are more plentiful. You’ll spend your time indoors at the various museums and historic sites, anyway. Find cheap flights to Philadelphia & cheap hotels in Philadelphia
  • Virginia – Honor our first president with a visit to his hometown or the estate he called home for many years, both of which are in Virginia. Alexandria is where George Washington was born, and every President’s Day weekend there are celebrations. Washington’s estate, Mount Vernon, is another great option for a President’s Day weekend trip, and on the holiday itself entry is free. An additional fun day trip could be to Colonial Williamsburg, which routinely hosts festivities on President’s Day weekend. Find cheap flights to Washington D.C. (it’s very close!) & cheap hotels in Virginia
  • Presidential Libraries – For a little more geographic diversity, you might want to look at the locations for the various Presidential Libraries to see if you might be able to incorporate a visit to one during a President’s Day weekend trip. Southern California beckoning? Both the Nixon and Reagan libraries are there. Headed into Texas? You can visit the Johnson library or the libraries of either Bush. There are museums at each library, and often special exhibits, so it’s worth checking out. Find out more about visiting Presidential Libraries

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