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by Jessica

July 26th, 2010

You might be the kind of traveler who usually books everything themselves and prefers to stay in budget places in order to get a better feel for a city. Even if that’s how you usually travel, however, sometimes you might just be too busy to do the necessary research – which is when booking a stay at an all inclusive resort makes sense.

You could let a travel agent book your resort stay for you, but why bother when it’s so easy to do yourself? Besides, if you let someone else do the work you may not find the best resort travel deals out there. And let’s face it – you might not be financially forced to stay in hostels like you were when you were teenage traveler, but there’s no reason to pay full price at a resort, either.

We covered a few topics related to finding resort travel deals this past week, so here’s the round-up of those posts so you can find the information fast and get your resort vacation booked quickly. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of knowing a trip is booked, right?

Luxury Travel Deals

As long as you’re not trying to travel to the most popular destinations at the most popular times of year, you can often find great discounts on trips to luxury resorts. If you’re used to paying for 3-star hotels, why not have a 5-star experience for about the same price?

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All Inclusive Travel Deals

Staying at an all inclusive resort can definitely make life easier, since everything you could possibly need is right there on the resort’s property – usually including a few restaurants and several activities. This post has a few ideas for finding great prices on all inclusive resorts.

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Last Minute Resort Deal Resources

Did you put off vacation planning until the last minute? Or are you suddenly in need of a trip? There are ways to find last minute deals to even popular resorts, especially if you’re traveling in the off season and you know where to look.

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