Romantic Travel Deals

by Jessica

September 6th, 2010

They say there’s no better way to test a relationship than by traveling with someone. If the relationship passes the test, you’re in store for a lifetime of great travel memories shared with someone you love, not to mention the discounts that come from traveling as a couple.

If the relationship doesn’t pass the test, well – that’s another story… But let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

Solo travelers may have to keep their eyes open for the dreaded term “single supplement,” but traveling couples are lucky in that so many travel specials are geared toward people traveling in pairs. The articles linked here are all about helping you save money on a romantic trip with your sweetheart – or just saving money on a trip with a companion.

Couples Travel Deals

As mentioned, couples usually have a better chance of finding travel deals because so many trips and resorts base their prices on double occupancy – but sometimes trips marketed as “romantic getaways” are overpriced because they think you’ll be enticed by the romance and not double-check the math. But you know better. Here are some ways to find travel deals for couples.

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Valentine’s Day Travel Deals

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time to take a romantic trip, but it’s a pretty good excuse for a romance-filled getaway with your sweetheart. It’s also the ideal time for travel companies to take advantage of people who aren’t paying attention to the bottom line and are wooed by pictures of roses and chocolates.

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Honeymoon Travel Deals

A honeymoon can fall at any time of year, so you won’t necessarily see “honeymoon deals” advertised the same way you will with Valentine’s Day deals – but romantic vacations are always being marketed to couples, so you can often find deals that will work for your honeymoon regardless of when it is.

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Weekend Travel Deals

Maybe it’s not a big holiday or a honeymoon, but you’re just looking for a short getaway with your sweetheart – and really, any trip with someone you love is a romantic getaway, right? These tips will help you find travel deals on short trips.

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Resort Travel Deals

Of course you can go to a resort by yourself, or with your whole family, but when many people think of luxury resorts they immediately picture being on that trip with a significant other. They’re high on the romance factor, it’s true, but they’re also often expensive. Here are some tips to save money on a resort trip.

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Couples Travel Tips

These aren’t money-saving tips, but they’re tips that couples traveling together should pay attention to – because traveling together, like doing anything else together, takes a bit of work. Don’t let an argument ruin your trip.

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