St. Patrick’s Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

January 31st, 2011

stpaddys3Recently we’ve covered a few different aspects of traveling for St. Patrick’s Day, all aimed at helping you save money on your trip. But since you may not be checking in every single day we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the advice we’ve been doling out. So you can consider this your “table of contents” to all our St. Patrick’s Day travel information, if you like.

This particular post is also going to be useful in that it’s got links to articles that aren’t just related to St. Patrick’s Day, but are full of great tips to help you save money on airfare anyway – so even if you were paying attention to all the St. Patrick’s Day travel deals posts, you might not have seen these.

Have a grand time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – wherever you are – and have an extra green beer (or 7) with all the money we helped you save on your airline ticket!

>> March 17 is on a Saturday in 2012. 

Finding Cheap Airfare for St. Patrick’s Day

Your first step in getting the best deal on your air ticket for St. Patrick’s Day should be this article, where we covered the biggest ways to save money when you fly around a holiday. These tips are useful no matter when you’re flying, but they’re critical when you’re traveling around a special event when the airlines are more inclined to hike prices.

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Best Places to Go for St. Patrick’s Day

Although this list isn’t full of money-saving tips, it can help you save money on your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations because there are plenty of places that have excellent parties around March 17th that are far less expensive to get to and visit than the more famous places (like Dublin and New York). There may only be 10s of thousands instead of 100s of thousands of revelers, but if it’s a great deal you probably won’t mind.

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Flying on Budget Airlines

One easy way to save money on your flight is to choose a budget airline instead of a big legacy carrier – but some of the low-cost airlines aren’t household names. Many of them are regional, so they may not serve your home airport, and some of them operate seasonal routes. In any case, it’s always worth looking at the list of budget airlines serving the city you’re planning to visit in case there’s a steal of a deal in there.

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Using Alternative Airports

Along with flying on budget airlines, another great trick is to check out how many airports there are in the city you’re planning to visit – if there’s more than one, you could be in luck. Some big cities with multiple area airports have one that’s well-known as the place with cheaper flights. But even if you don’t know that personally, it gives you that many more options to consider when you’re looking at flights.

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