Valentine’s Day Travel Deals

by Jessica

January 14th, 2011

valday2There are plenty of arguments – good ones, too – for treating every day like Valentine’s Day. Any day other than February 14th isn’t marketed to death, for starters, and if you honor your sweetheart with a romantic getaway in (let’s say) April you’ll score extra points. But if you’ve still got to deliver something amazing on Valentine’s Day itself, then do your bank account a favor and look for Valentine’s Day travel deals.

Yes, come February Valentine’s Day travel deals abound – from a quick overnight escape to a posh hotel nearby to an extended break on a deserted island. So even if you haven’t noticed, chances are good your sweetie has. But are those deals really deals? How can you find the best prices on airfare for Valentine’s Day? We’ll take a look at some of the best ways to find Valentine’s Day travel deals in this article.

>> In 2012, Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday.

Finding Cheap Airfare for Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is always on the same date, the day of the week it falls on is a bit of a moving target. So if you’re taking a trip for Valentine’s Day you could get lucky with it falling on a Friday (thereby giving you an excuse for a 3-day weekend) or even luckier with President’s Day the following Monday (giving you a 4-day weekend to play with)… Or you could end up with February 14th being on a Wednesday. The day of the week the holiday actually happens to land on is only one of the things that could impact how many cheap fares you find for a trip.

We’ve outlined the many things to keep in mind in order to find cheap Valentine’s Day airfare in a separate article, so be sure to read that one along with this one – that way you’ve got as much information as possible.

Do the Math on Valentine’s Day Vacation Packages

As noted earlier, you’ll start seeing ads for Valentine’s Day getaways around mid-January in some places. All of them may seem like great deals, what with the extra perks of rose petals on the bed every night or in-room couples massages or gourmet dinners or spa treatments. But are those deals really deals?

It may be supremely un-romantic, but before you go ga-ga for one of the Valentine’s Day deals you see, be sure you dust off the calculator and do the math. Figure out how much each piece of the package would cost if you bought them separately (as best you can, anyway), including airfare and the hotel – and then ask yourself if you’d really take advantage of all the extras they’re throwing into the package. If you’re not really into the whole mani/pedi thing, then you wouldn’t buy it on your own. So including it in a vacation package isn’t really much of a perk, then.

In the end, you may find you can get a better deal on a flight than the package is offering, a better deal on a hotel that’s slightly less luxurious, and splurge on more extras on your own. Sure, sometimes Valentine’s Day vacation packages are an excellent bargain – but until you do the math, you won’t know.

Anyplace Can Be Romantic

When you think of a Valentine’s Day trip, some destinations come to mind immediately. If it’s got a secluded beach, it’s in, no questions asked. Chilly (but sunny) weather that’s ideal for strolling close together? Definitely. An abundance of high-end restaurants, luxury spas, and deluxe hotels doesn’t hurt, either.

But the truth is any destination can be made a romantic one (well, almost any destination). You might be put off by the prices on airfare to Paris or Hawaii for Valentine’s Day, because those are both incredibly popular for romantic holidays. Think outside the box, however, and you could score a super deal on airfare to a place that’s not as traditionally romantic.

Any big city will have a posh hotel or two, an array of great restaurants, and several options for entertainment. Look for the best deal on airfare and then start researching those locations to see what they offer – nevermind whether they’re normally on Valentine’s Day getaway lists or not. Making where you go romantic might be a little more challenging, but not only will that earn you extra romance points with your sweetheart, it could save you some money in the process.

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