Where to Go in April: What’s “in season” in April?

by Jessica

December 15th, 2010

April is a month when just about any place can offer a good reason to visit. It’s smack in the middle of a shoulder season, making it easier to find great bargains on destinations with decent weather. And depending on the year, it could be when big travel holidays like Spring Break and Easter fall as well.

So, where to go in April? You really have the pick of the litter here. Yes, some of the great shoulder season destinations may still be shaking off the winter chill, but even if you have to pack a little umbrella or a sweater you’re more likely to get that ideal combination of good weather and low prices – and that’s what every budget traveler looks for, right?

Remember that because April is a shoulder season, unless you’re close to the equator you’ll have both spring and autumn to choose from. There are both warmer destinations and cooler destinations listed below, so you can pick based on the weather you’re looking for.

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Here are some of the best places to go in April.

Warm Weather Places in April

April in Paris” may be the famous song, but you can substitute “Paris” with just about any European city name and have similarly great trips. April is an excellent month to visit any of those expensive places in Europe before the summer peak season but when you’ll find the weather to be quite nice. The further south you go, the more likely you are to find sun. Remember that there are budget airlines that will get you all over Europe once you get onto the continent, so all it takes is finding a ticket to a major hub airport – like these cheap flights to Germany – to get you started.

Southern United States
States like Florida, Las Vegas, Arizona, and southern California can be havens for snowbirds avoiding the worst of the winter, but when April rolls around they’re heading back up north and the weather is still great. It’s not yet too hot or too expensive, either.

Parts of Asia
Some parts of Asia are overly hot in April, but countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines aren’t too oppressive at this time of year. It’s also still a good time to go hiking in Nepal, and although you’ll fight the crowds if you go to Japan you’ll also get to see the country’s cherry trees in full bloom.

A visit to Ecuador in April is a great idea, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type – this is not only a great month to go mountain climbing in Ecuador, it’s also a good month for diving off the Galapagos Islands.

Cool Weather Places in April

Parts of Africa
While some of Africa is quite warm in April, there are a few places that are experiencing the rainy season at this time of year. It won’t really be cold in the “winter in the Alps” sense of the word, but it’s also not likely to be beach weather. Zambia is a good bet because the famous Victoria Falls are swollen with rain, and in Tanzania migrations are continuing.

Much of Europe is emerging from winter in April, and that includes northern Europe – but the nights in the Scandinavian countries are still likely to be a bit chilly in April. This is a good time to consider going on a Scandinavian cruise, however, as the weather’s good enough but the crowds aren’t huge yet.

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