Where to Go in August: What’s in season  in August?

by Jessica

July 20th, 2011

For most of the year, the weather is essentially on its way to being warmer or colder – but twice a year the mercury hits the furthest reaches of where it’ll end up.

Usually, one of those times of year is August. It’s the hottest month for half the planet, and the coldest for the other half – and regardless of which you call home, by the middle of August (if not before) you’re probably wishing for a respite.

Because August in the Northern Hemisphere is the last gasp of summer before going back to school or re-focusing on work, it tends to be one of the most popular vacation months. Top holiday destinations are often crowded and expensive. Travelers with a substantial budget can afford to make a trip to such places hassle-free, but budget travelers will likely need to look to other places in order to get the most bang for their holiday bucks.

This list of where to go in August is primarily for those who are looking for vacation destinations that won’t cost a fortune but will still offer good weather. We’ve also included some cold weather spots for those of you who just can’t wait to strap on ski boots.

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Warm Weather Places in August

Northern Canada
August might mean that the National Parks and beautiful cities in Canada are at their peak tourism-wise, but if you venture north, away from the most popular areas, you can escape the crowds and get into parts of the country that are difficult (if not impossible) to reach in the winter.

Southern & Eastern Africa
Many travelers to Africa are particularly interested in going on a wildlife safari, so it’s good to know when the best months for wildlife viewing are. August is great for places like Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania. And in South Africa you can even go whale-watching in August.

Ecuador & Galapagos
Speaking of whale-watching, August is a good time to head for coastal Ecuador to do just that. And while you’re in the area, plan to spend some time on the nearby Galapagos Islands – August is a good month for diving trips and the weather as at its coolest (it’s still warm, don’t worry!).

Northern Europe
August is actually often less crowded in many of Europe’s main tourist locations as the Europeans have gotten out of town to go on their own vacations. That means, however, that Europe’s beaches tend to be crowded to overflowing. Stay away from the beaches and go north – to Scandinavia or Ireland, for instance – for warm weather that’s still not a draw for beach lovers. And in Iceland, you can experience the best weather the country has to offer complete with only a few hours of night.

Cool Weather Places in August

Southern Argentina
While you’ll have to schedule an Antarctica trip from Argentina for another month, visiting southern Argentina in August is a good option if you’re looking for a ski or snowboarding destination. The coastal parts of the country are likely to be milder, but in the mountains you’ll dive headlong into winter.

New Zealand
The mountains of New Zealand‘s South Island that beckon hikers in the summer call to skiers in August – this is a popular winter holiday destination in New Zealand, so don’t expect to have the slopes to yourself, but with enough advance planning you can have a great snow-filled vacation.

photo by Joanne Goldby


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