Where to Go in December: What’s “in season” in December?

by Jessica

December 8th, 2010

December means travel for many people – but usually it’s the kind of travel that doesn’t make us excited. Yes, it often means going home for the holidays, but if you’ve got precious little vacation time and not a huge travel budget then you might think of the trips you’d rather be taking right about then.

If you’re lucky enough to have extra budget and time leftover after you’ve factored in your holiday travel, or have your holiday trip be to a location that lends itself easily to fun side-trips before or after the holidays, then here are some places that make good travel destinations in December.

Of course you can technically go pretty much anywhere you want to go, anytime of year – but there are some places that are either considered “in season” in December or just are better when visited in December. These are often destinations that are experiencing their summer in December, or have warm weather year-round and it’s just a bit more temperate in December.

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Here are some of the best places to go in December.

Warm Weather Places in December

Southern Hemisphere
It’s not rocket science – if it’s winter in December in the Northern Hemisphere, then it’s summer in December in the Southern Hemisphere. Places like Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and other countries in the southern part of South America make excellent destinations in December when they’re just moving into their summer. It may be hot, but that’s what the beach is for, right?

Central America & Hawaii
In both of these cases, traveling over the Christmas and New Years holidays themselves will be more expensive – but if you can get in a trip earlier in December you’re more likely to find a good bargain. The beaches in these parts of the world aren’t necessarily empty in December, but if it’s nice weather you’re after you almost can’t go wrong with either one.

U.S. South
Droves of people move to condos in the southern United States every winter, and there’s a reason for it. The warm weather in places like Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Nevada is just perfect in December (it’s often far too hot in the summer). You don’t have to get a timeshare in order to enjoy a December trip to a place like Las Vegas or Orlando, however.

North Africa
Although December is summer in southern Africa, it’s often too hot to be really comfortable for a visit then. Instead, head into northern Africa and visit places like Morocco, Egypt, and Mali are good options, and you can typically find cheap flights to Ethiopia this time of year, too.

Cold Weather Places in December

Ski Vacations
There are places where you can ski year-round, but some of the best ski destinations in the world are at their peak (pun intended) starting in December. Some of the skiing and snowboarding hotspots in December include the mountains of Colorado, California, and British Columbia, as well as the Alps and Pyrenees. Getting a good deal on a ski vacation is an excellent way to end the year.

photo by Ed Yourdon


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