Where to Go in February: What’s “in season” in February?

by Jessica

December 9th, 2010

Many people think they can handle a long, cold winter when it’s December and they’re distracted by the holidays. But when the end of January rolls around and it’s still just as cold (if not colder), and there’s still quite a long time before you think you’ve got any hope of thawing out, it might be time to consider a getaway to take your mind off of the weather.

There are some places that make excellent travel destinations in February – either because they’re warm year-round or because it’s their “peak” season in February. Sometimes this will mean they’re more expensive and popular in February, too, but if it’s the weather you’re focused on then that may not matter.

Of course, if you’re not looking for a tropical beach in February but are just wanting to get away from your work-a-day routine, there are some options for a cold weather getaway listed at the end of this article, too. It’s not all about finding the sun in February, although for many it is.

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Here are some of the best places to go in February.

Warm Weather Places in February

Southern U.S.
As the winter draws to a close, the snow birds may already be contemplating packing and heading back up north – but that doesn’t mean you can’t migrate south to spend a few days in the sun. Places like Las Vegas, Arizona, and Florida are popular all winter long because the temperatures are just about perfect. Finding a bargain may be harder with all the timeshares occupied by their winter residents, but hotels may have winter discounts in place to lure short-term travelers like you.

Australia, New Zealand
If February is the end of the winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the end of the summer in the Southern Hemisphere – which means a trip to Australia or New Zealand in February is a trip to the other side of the seasonal calendar. It might be quite hot in some parts of both countries, but there are plenty of beaches around where you can cool off in the ocean.

Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii
February is part of the high season in the Caribbean and Mexico, after the rainy season and the holidays are past, so it will be harder to find a bargain for a February trip. The weather, however, will likely be spectacular. Hawaii enjoys great weather pretty much year-round, and depending where you’re starting point is you might find more cheap flights to Hawaii in February than to the Caribbean.

South America
Like Australia and New Zealand, the vast majority of South America is below the Equator, making February part of the summer. Northern parts of South America (closer to the Equator) are more temperate, and you won’t necessarily find February all that different from other times of the year (except in terms of rainfall). Southern parts of South America, on the other hand, have more traditional seasons – so a February visit to Argentina or Chile will mean late summertime temperatures.

Cold Weather Places in February

Mediterranean Europe
Europe is traditionally so costly to visit during its high summer season that budget travelers go elsewhere. If you’re budget conscious, consider going to Mediterranean Europe in late February – especially if you’re going to the south of Spain (including the Canary Islands), southern Portugal, southern Italy or Sicily, and Greece. These parts of Europe may not yet be balmy and spring-like, but they’re likely to be distinctly less chilly than the northern parts of Europe in February. You may need a jacket, but you’ll be able to afford one because the trip will be far cheaper.

Ski Trips
In some places, the ski season is winding down in February – but you’ll still find great ski and snowboarding conditions in some areas, as well as a bargain or two. North American ski resorts like the ones in Colorado, British Columbia, Vermont, and the mountains of California are great options, and if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic then the Alps and Pyrenees are good places to start looking for ski travel deals.

Antarctica is always cold, but during January and February it’s most easily visited because it’s less cold than at other times of the year. This is one of those major trips where you’ll probably splurge a bit, but you’ll remember it forever. Most trips leave from the southern tip of Argentina, so if you want to combine warm and cold weather in your trip you can spend some time in other parts of Argentina before joining an Antarctica adventure trip.

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