Where to Go in July: What’s in season  in July?

by Jessica

January 18th, 2011

July in the Northern Hemisphere usually means two things for travelers – bigger crowds and higher prices. Summer is definitely the high season north of the equator, but if you can’t rearrange your schedule completely to travel at another time of year then the next best thing is to figure out where to go in July that won’t be at the peak of crowded-ness and wallet-busting prices.

Of course, some places are popular in July for a reason – it could be because the weather is truly at its best, or because there’s a big event that draws visitors each July, or something else entirely – but just because a place is popular in July doesn’t mean it should be avoided entirely. It just means you need to be smarter about planning a trip there.

This list of where to go in July includes a bit of both worlds – some destinations that are in their shoulder season or off-season, and some destinations that are in their high season. With the former, it won’t take as much work to find good deals. With the latter, you might need to save a bit more or do a little more legwork to find bargains.

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Warm Weather Places in July

Southern & Eastern Africa & Islands
There are many parts of Africa that are good bets for a July trip. Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia are particularly noted at this time of year for their excellent wildlife-viewing opportunities, while the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar are experiencing their dry season with fairly mild temperatures.

July usually brings an end to the rainy season in Peru, making this a good month to think about planning a visit. Daytime temperatures are often mild and there’s plenty of sun, but keep in mind that temperatures at altitude can be quite cold in July. Trekking travelers in Peru this month should expect to be chilly.

Visiting Canada in winter is fine if you like snow, but if you ask some people it’s even better in the summer months. It doesn’t tend to get too hot, and especially in places further north that are all but inaccessible in the winter the weather can be perfectly mild (and even still a bit chilly) in July.

Northern Europe
Europe is at its tourist peak in the summer, and there are good reasons to look elsewhere for a trip – but if you’re jonesing for a European vacation then consider venturing further north than most other people. The weather is generally less hot in countries like Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and northern Russia even in July.

The dry season in Indonesia starts in June and continues in July, so this is still a great time to visit this island country. Bali is the most obvious draw here, and it will be crowded at this time of year, but it’s still a bargain-friendly spot even during its high season – get beyond Bali and you’ve got the makings of an extremely cheap holiday.

Cool Weather Places in July

New Zealand
New Zealand is an excellent warm weather vacation destination, but anyone who’s seen its rugged mountain ranges knows that it’s a fantastic place to be in the winter, too. July is the middle of winter in New Zealand, making it a great option for anyone who’s in the mood for a skiing or snowboarding holiday.

Southern Argentina
Like New Zealand, the southern part of South America is also mid-winter in July, and Argentina in particular reaches far enough south that it can get downright cold depending on where you are. Get up into the mountains for some skiing or snowboarding or just relax in cities that are largely free of tourists.

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