Where to Go in June: What’s in season  in June?

by Jessica

December 21st, 2010

For many people, June marks the start of the busiest travel season. It’s the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, when kids are out of school and grown-ups take the bulk of their vacation days in order to travel with them – or just to enjoy popular destinations when their weather is at its best.

Unfortunately, traveling to popular spots in June can be expensive – it’s not called peak season for nothing – so if you’re more focused on your budget you might want to think about some alternative destinations for a June trip.

This list of where to go in June, then, includes a few places that are popular at this time of year – as well as a few others that are more budget-friendly.

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Here are some of the best places to go in June.

Warm Weather Places in June

June is when Europe starts to be really expensive, not to mention crowded, but it’s popular for a reason. The weather is usually fantastic (it can even be too hot already if you venture further south), and especially if you stick to northern Europe you’ll benefit from a temperate climate and lots of sun. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly European destinations, try Eastern Europe and even the European side of Istanbul.

Parts of Southeast Asia
The dry season is starting in Bali and the rest of Indonesia in June, making it a fabulous time to go (especially if you’ve got surfing on your agenda). Malaysia is also entering its dry season in June, and isn’t as universally popular with backpackers as Indonesia is. You might want to skip places like Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos in June, as they tend to be both hot and humid.

East Africa
Places like Kenya and Tanzania are great candidates for a June trip – even though they can be hot at this time of year, it’s technically the “cool” season as well as the dry season. If you’ve had an African safari on your to-do list, June might be just the time to do it – it’s a great month for wildlife viewing in the region.

Brazil is an enormous country, but it doesn’t tend to have wild temperature fluctuations because so much of it is reasonably close to the equator. What it does have is a rainy season – and June is when the rainy season ends. It’s only the start of the dry season, however, so there could be some wet weather spillover, but the crowds may not be as big quite yet.

Skiers and snowboarders have lots of reasons to love Canada in the winter, but for those of us who prefer our vacations to involve sun then June is the start of one of the best times to visit Canada. Cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto make excellent vacation destinations in June, although it’s still early enough in the summer that you may need to wait to go further north.

Cool Weather Places in June

Chile, Argentina
The southern part of South America is just entering winter in June, making its mountains an ideal cold weather destination. The coastal areas of Chile and Argentina may be milder, but that just means you’ll get to experience a little temperate weather along with your wintry mix in the mountains.

Australia, New Zealand
Australia and New Zealand are also starting their winter in June, so that’s another option for you if you’re seeking snow. The mountains on the South Island of New Zealand are popular for winter sports, and you can also enjoy lots of snow on Tasmania.

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