Where to Go in March: What’s in season  in March?

by Jessica

December 14th, 2010

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, March marks the start of the thaw. Sure, snowy winter conditions can linger into April in some parts of the world, but seeing February in the rear-view mirror means that there are warmer days ahead.

It’s natural, therefore, to take March as a cue to start thinking about a vacation. Chances are good you’ll be interested in a little sunny weather – especially if you haven’t taken a trip anywhere during the cold months of January and February – so then the question arises: where to go in March?

There are some destinations that are more expensive than others in March, owing to their great weather, but there are also some places aren’t as costly because they’re not quite in peak season yet. So even if you don’t find the best deal on international airfare, if you’re visiting a super cheap destination you could still save on your vacation overall.

There’s an assortment of both of these types of places (along with some cold weather destinations for those of you who just haven’t gotten enough of the snow) on the list below.

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Here are some of the best places to go in March.

Warm Weather Places in March

India, Nepal
The start of spring – in other words, March – is an excellent time to visit India and Nepal. The weather is warm enough but not too hot, there are bargains to be had, and it’s a great time of year for going on treks like Nepal’s famous Annapurna Circuit.

Any destination in the Southern Hemisphere is going to be moving toward fall as the Northern Hemisphere moves toward spring, but besides it being a shoulder season with good weather there’s another reason to visit Brazil in March – Carnival. Prices will be higher for this popular festival, but if you like to party it’s the place to be.

There are a few parts of Africa that make good destinations in March – northern African countries like Morocco aren’t too hot, and in both southern and eastern Africa the migration season has started. Note that you might get more rain in the south in March.

Mediterranean Europe
March in many parts of southern Europe may still be a little damp and cool (especially at night), but you’re likely to get treated to great weather during the day. This is even more true if you stick to points as far south as you can go – like Spain‘s Andalucia region, the Italian island of Sicily, and the Greek islands.

Cold Weather Places in March

The European ski season in the Alps is alive and well into March, when it can be even more pleasant because of sunny days. In other words, don’t forget your sunscreen even though you’re hitting the slopes. Note that March isn’t always cheap in the Alps.

British Columbia
Like the Alps, British Columbia‘s popular ski resorts – particularly Whistler – benefit from more sunny days in March while still offering lots of snow for both skiing and snowboarding. Whistler is never very cheap during ski season, but if you’re really into snow sports it’s a must-visit location.

If it’s sun you’re looking for, you need look no further than Colorado – especially in March. The skiing and snowboarding are both still world class at this time of year, and the early spring weather makes for gorgeous days as well.

photo by Ronnie Macdonald


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