Where to Go in October: Where is in season  in October?

by Jessica

January 24th, 2011

If September is one of the favorite travel months for many frequent travelers, October tends to be right on its heels. In fact, depending where you’re going, October has overtaken September in some places as the time to strike the ideal balance between good weather and reasonable prices.

No matter where your wanderlust takes you, October is dead in the middle of a shoulder season. For the Northern Hemisphere, it’s mid-fall. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s mid-spring. So either way, you’re looking at a transitional season with generally temperate weather, not overly expensive prices for tourists, and smaller crowds overall.

This list of where to go in October combines some places that are more popular in October with a few that aren’t as popular, so you can decide which style of trip you want to take and choose a destination accordingly.

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Warm Weather Destinations in October

Southwest & Northeast U.S.
In these two opposite corners of the United States, October is the time to visit if you want to see the leaves at their colorful best. In places like Colorado, it’s when the aspens turn brilliant yellow, and in New Hampshire and Vermont it’s when the hillsides turn deep orange and red – all of which is set against an intensely blue sky.

Italy & France
Once upon a time, September used to mark the beginning of the shoulder season in Europe’s two most popular countries – but now, September’s been sucked into the high season for most of France and Italy. That means October is now the beginning of when the prices start to come down and crowds start to thin out.

Southern Brazil
Brazil is a good candidate for an October trip for two reasons. First, there’s the opportunity to see migratory whales on boat excursions off the coast near Florianoplis (this area also has one of Brazil’s nicest beaches, and October is right in the middle of one of the best times to see it). Second, the famous Iguazu Falls is running swiftly in October, making it particularly good for viewing.

Northern Africa
You might think it never cools down in Africa, but in October you’ll find Northern Africa is beginning to cool down quite a bit. This makes a trip to countries like Morocco, Algeria, and Egypt more comfortable, and it’s also a good time to think about doing a guided trek into the desert.

October is an excellent time to plan a trekking trip in Nepal, whether you’re talking about the entire Annapurna Circuit or just doing some day hikes. Kathmandu is also good to visit in October.

Cool Weather Destinations in October

Alaskan Panhandle & Inside Passage
The peak season for trips into the Inside Passage in Alaska ends in September, but the weather allows for trips well beyond that – you just need to be willing to bundle up a bit more. Plus, an October trip can cost quite a bit less than a trip during the high season.

Iceland works hard to live up to its cold-sounding name in the winter, but it’s not quite at its frozen best yet in October – making it a great time to visit. Daylight is more scarce in October than during the summer months, but the crowds won’t be as thick.

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