Wimbledon Championships Travel Deals

by Jessica

March 16th, 2011

No matter how many times you might hear that you should try to avoid visiting a popular tourist city like London during its high season – summer – it’s not always easy to do so. In fact, London gives us lots of great reasons to visit during the summer, regardless of what the crowds are like. Besides the typically nicer weather, there are also big events that take place in London in summer that can be an excellent addition to any travel plans – including the famous Wimbledon Championships.

Whether or not you’re a serious tennis fan is beside the point. Wimbledon is legendary, partly of course for the world-class play you’ll see on the courts, but that’s not all. There are often famous spectators in the stands, so attending Wimbledon is a good chance to do some star-gazing. The traditions at Wimbledon are fun to participate in, too, especially the one about eating strawberries and cream.

If you’ll already be in London during the Wimbledon Championships, it’s worth checking to see whether there are any tickets available during your trip – and if you’re trying to plan a trip to London around the tennis tournament, here are a few things to keep in mind.

>> In 2012, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships run from June 25-July 8.

Finding Cheap Airfare to London for Wimbledon

Getting a good deal on a flight to England’s capital during high season and just before one of the city’s major sporting events can be tough, to say the least. Some tips that will potentially help you find better prices are:

  • Be Flexible – Looking for flights over a span of several days instead of just one day or a few hours on one day means you’re more apt to find those times when the price on tickets dips. Look for a “my dates are flexible” option on the booking site you’re using to make the site do the work for you.
  • Know When Tickets are Usually Cheaper – It’s not set in stone, but prices tend to drop on Wednesday, Tuesday, and Saturday flights, as well as on the flights that depart first thing in the morning or late at night. Start with these days and times when you’re looking for flights and you may have a better chance of finding the best deals available that week.
  • Try Alternate Airports – In the case of London, “alternate airports” can mean either looking at all five of London’s airports to see if one has a better fare offering than another, or it can mean looking at flying into other cities altogether and then hopping on a short budget flight back to London. You never know when there will be a localized sale on flights to Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, or elsewhere, so it never hurts to look.

Wimbledon Package Deals May Not Be Deals

There are lots of sports/travel packages available – it takes nothing to find them with a simple search – but to determine whether the packages out there for Wimbledon are actually going to save you money, you need to do a bit of math first.

Do the best you can to break down the packages you’re interested in to their individual components – especially things like airfare, hotel, and any included tickets to the matches. Then see how much you’d pay for these things if you bought them separately. The package trips may include lots of other extras that you want, in which case buying the package may be well worth the money, but if the extras are things you don’t need or care about there’s no sense in paying for them if you can book things individually for less.

London Travel Tips

Here are a few articles to help you plan your trip to England’s capital city.

photo by Marc Di Luzio

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