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by Roger Wade

November 5th, 2009 has been around since the mid 1990s, according to the information on their site, yet they aren’t one of the more well known travel-booking tools. They work much the same way that many of the more famous sites work, but they also specialize in a few different types of travel, most notably business and first class.

Their search system is slick and nicely designed and it works in a similar way to some other sites, but still it can be a bit confusing for some people so below we’ll take you through step by step to make sure you find the lowest fare in the shortest amount of time.

Step 1

Open in another window.

Step 2

Enter your departure and destination cities in the boxes provided in the top-left corner.

onetravel1 works in a really convenient way so all you have to do is type in the first three letters of the city or the airport code and you’ll be presented with a list of possible matches. If you don’t see your city on the list then you may not be typing in the accepted name of the airport or city. Once you confirm you have the right cities in both fields, move on to the next step.

Step 3

Enter in your desired departure and return dates into the date fields.


If your ideal dates are in another month it’s usually fastest to click on the small calendar icon and pick the date visually. This method also insures that you don’t accidentally mix up your days of the week.

Step 4

Choose the number of travelers and then click on the orange Search button.


Now will display some messages on a screen while it’s searching for the lowest airfares to match your criteria. After 15 or 20 seconds it will show you the complete results, though it might continue to update if it finds even more possible matches for your trip.

Step 5

Look at the results screen to see if any flights match what you are looking for.


At the very top you’ll get a handy breakdown in grid form that shows each airline and the number of stops, plus the best price for each option. It’s important to realize that these prices shown don’t include all taxes and fees at this point, which is why you’ll see the +€ after the dollar amount. If you have checked another site and you are looking for an even lower price, these prices that don’t include everything can easily fool you.

Step 6

Find the best deal for you and then click on the orange Book button, but look carefully first!


Okay, here’s where things can get a bit tricky so I’ll give you the best advice I can. We’ve discussed that the final price isn’t shown on top, and in order to actually see the final price you have to click on the small taxes link next to the price by each flight listed. So check what the final price is of the cheapest flight, and then go down the list until you see a big jump up to another level. In other words, if the cheapest flight is $800 then keep going down the list until you see flights that are maybe $900 and up, and then you can go back up to find the best flight for you among this group.

The reason I recommend looking way down the list first is that these sites all show the absolute lowest price on top and then the prices climb as you go down the page. In most cases you’ll find that there are several flights at or near the exact same price, and then several more only a few dollars more. If you automatically lock in the cheapest flight without considering the others, you might be traveling in the early morning or with a really long layover or through a connecting city that makes the journey much longer.

By scanning the whole list until you see a price jump you’ll see all the possibilities before you decide. If one flight was $800 and it had a 5-hour layover and another flight was $810 and it had a 1-hour layover, isn’t that extra 4 hours worth the extra $10 if you are already paying that much. Yes, it is.

Step 7

Complete your booking now that you have found the best flight for you!

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