Flights to Bozeman, Montana and Big Sky Ski Resort

by Roger Wade

October 29th, 2007

big-sky-resort-montana.jpgMontana is known as Big Sky County. If you have ever spent time in the state you know why. The sky stretches for an eternity there, only broken up by a mountain range or two. It is simply mesmerizing to drive from one end of the state to another. The road blends in with the sky and you are left with an overwhelming sense of space, especially if you are someone who lives in a city.

The sky might be what has earned the state its moniker, but it is a ski resort that is the real attraction for many. Located just a skip, hop and tow lift away from Bozeman, Big Sky Resort offers some of the finest skiing in the United States. The powder is dry and ample most winters and the scenery is fabulous. The resort’s infrastructure is excellent for both beginners and experts. There is even plenty to do if you aren’t inclined to throw yourself down a side of a mountain.

Flying to Bozeman is not always a cheap endeavor, but Travelocity has some offers that will take you to Big Sky without causing a big hurt to your bank account.

Non-Stop Flights to the biggest skiing in America

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