2010 World Cup Travel Deals

by Jessica

December 29th, 2009

worldcup5So, you’re planning a trip to the World Cup in South Africa? You lucky, lucky person… I won’t pretend I’m not completely envious (especially since two of my coworkers are among the people going to the tournament), but I’ll also be really excited for you and the astoundingly cool experiences you’ll no doubt have there.

Not only that, I’ll help you save money on your travels to South Africa for the tournament. How’s that for service?

We’ve published a series of articles on this site that will help you make your World Cup trip a success, and to help you make sure it fits your budget, too. Consider this article your “table of contents” to all of those articles.

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Finding Cheap Airfare for the World Cup in South Africa

Your biggest expense of the trip will undoubtedly be airfare (unless you’re paying a scalper for the best seats to the final game, that is), so that’s the part where you definitely want to try hard to save money. Unfortunately, that’s getting more and more tricky as the date for the opening ceremonies draw near – especially since air tickets to South Africa aren’t usually in the “bargain” category to begin with.

In this article, we outlined some things you can do to get a better deal on your airfare to South Africa – or at least to maximize your potential for getting a good deal.

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Which Airports to Use for the South Africa World Cup

The World Cup is being held in 10 stadiums in nine South African cities, so which city you fly into depends mostly on where you’re planning to stay – or perhaps on which stadiums are hosting the games you’ve got tickets for. Either way, you’ve got to know your options for what airport to use.

And if you’ll be jetting around the country from game to game, then it’s also important to know about the airports in each of the nine cities. This article outlines your airport options, including airport codes (handy for looking up airfare) and some of the budget airlines flying into each.

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South Africa Travel Tips for the 2010 World Cup

I hope for your sake that you’ve got time to see more of South Africa than just the inside of a few stadiums… I mean, going to World Cup games is great, but you’re traveling a long way to get there – why not spend a little more time and see more of the country?

This article will help point you in the direction of the big things you need to know when planning a visit to South Africa, for the World Cup or anytime.

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Are World Cup travel packages really a good deal or not?

While you might see an abundance of World Cup vacation packages popping up all over the place, that doesn’t mean they’re always the fabulous deal that they purport to be. This is one case where you not only want to read the tiny print, you also need to do the math. Boring, I know, but it’s true.

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