Orbitz coupon & promotional codes

by Roger Wade

December 3rd, 2007

Current Orbitz Promotions

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Getting a discount when booking with Orbitz

When looking for discounts or promotional codes on Orbitz it’s important to consider what they can discount and what they can’t. If you are looking for a flight alone and you are trying to find the absolute lowest price available, there is virtually no way to get a further discount off that fare. Orbitz only makes a tiny percentage for selling those tickets so there is no room to give you $50 or 10% off their lowest listed price.

The good news is there are often excellent deals on Orbitz when you tie a flight in with a hotel, or just book a hotel by itself. Unlike airfares, hotel room prices can be very flexible, and especially outside of peak season you can often get great hotel rooms at 50% off or even more. The hotel business can be much more seasonal than the airline business because the airlines can always adjust the number of planes going to different places, but hotels always have the same number of rooms.

So particularly if you are searching for a package involving a hotel, then Orbitz almost always has some really tempting deals. We’ve listed some of the better current deals on the top of this page, but these promotions come and go so check back often.

How Orbitz coupons & promotion codes work

Millions of us have had the experience of booking a ticket online and when you get near the end there will be a box where you can enter a promotional code in the hopes of getting a further discount. Sadly, even when you do find promotional codes elsewhere they are almost always invalid or expired, even when they match your exact purchase.

Orbitz is similar to many other sites in that they sometimes issue and publicize certain promotional codes to give deeper discounts on their prices. The reality is that they don’t issue promotional codes that will help you get a further discount off a low airfare. The Orbitz promotional codes you will find on various sites are almost always for complete vacation packages or for hotels alone. As mentioned above, these can be great and worthwhile deals often times, but usually you can get the same deal without a promotional code, and very often Orbitz actually puts that promotional code right on the very page you’d enter it, so these promotional codes tend to just be gimmicks.

Again though, Orbitz does have some great packages. Some of them are available to the public through the main site, and others are only made available through certain booking partners like this site. We will list the best ones we can find at the top of this page and update it often, so check back and you might find something that suits you perfectly.

For more information on how to get the lowest price for a flight using Orbitz check out our Orbitz Airline Tickets page.

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