Priceline coupon & promotional codes

by Roger Wade

December 3rd, 2007

Current Priceline promotions Airfare – save up to 40%

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Getting discounts through Priceline

Priceline is one of the newer entries to the flight and hotel booking market. For a number of years their business consisted of reverse auctions for flights and hotel rooms, but recently they’ve deemphasized that in favor of a more traditional fixed-price booking scheme. You can still try the name your price  thing on Priceline, but that has quite a few drawbacks even when it works, so the frustration involved keeps most people away.

But Priceline does have many great specials and promotions that you should consider. The deep discounts are almost always on complete vacation packages or hotel rooms alone. They also will always list some sort of fare sale, but these prices are the same discounted flights the other sites offer, usually to certain destinations in their off-seasons.

Priceline has most of their best deals for hotel rooms, and often quite amazing deals for last-minute travel. They might be the best site for travelers looking to go somewhere soon, but who are unsure exactly where they want to go. They work with hotels to find places that have unusually high numbers of empty rooms and then they can offer tremendous savings to these places with only a week or two notice.

How Priceline coupons & promotional codes work

Unlike most other major travel-booking sites, Priceline doesn’t even bother with coupons or promotional codes. Of course that hasn’t stopped many Web sites from advertising them as a way to draw traffic to their site.

Often you’ll see things that appear to be coupons or promotional codes on these sites, but there is no code needed. Priceline tends to offer impressive-sounding sales throughout the year, but the language is sometimes deceptive. They’ll advertise 70% off flights to London during the winter!!! In reality they are offering the same low off-season fares available almost everywhere else, but they make it seem like a special sale of their own to lure in travelers who haven’t checked prices elsewhere.

However, Priceline does have loads of good travel deals all the time. We’ve collected the current ones that impressed us most and put them at the top of this page. We’ll update this list often so check back. Many of the deals are available to the general public, but some of them are special promotions only available through booking partners like this site. There won’t be a coupon code to enter, however you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking advantage of some of these great deals.

For more information on getting the lowest possible price for a flight using Priceline check out our Priceline Airline Tickets page.


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