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What Can I Take on My Flight?

When you look at the most recent version of the TSA list, you might be tempted to answer ‘not much’.

However, in the spirit of amusement, we here at CTL are pleased to inform you that you are now allowed to take on:
Your gel-filled bra (provided, we think, that it’s on your body)
Your ‘personal lubricants’ such as KY (up to 4 oz….mile high club anyone?)
Breast milk (the internal and external variety)

All fun aside, there are still a number of strict restrictions in place. TSA and airline staff will throw away these things-you-don’t-think-about if located:
Gel-based deoderant
Liquid foundation
Lip gloss
Saline solution over 4 oz.
Shampoo and conditioner

Airport Security Increases After Terrorist Threat

With the threat of another attack and spate of arrests in London and Pakistan, airports – and their passengers – are on high alert.

New security regulations have made increased wait times as passengers must throw out lotions, hair products and liquids from their carry ons.

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