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Thanksgiving Travel Deals

turkeyWhen most of us think about the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s images of family dinners, great feasts, football games, and general happiness that probably come to mind first. For anyone who’s not within driving distance of all that stuff, however, the famously horrendous crowds at the airport follow closely behind.

Thanksgiving remains one of the worst times to travel in the U.S., and the increased volume of passengers – while annoying in and of itself – can lead to more delays, more cancellations, and (perhaps worst of all) more expensive tickets. Some of the problems that are associated with Thanksgiving travel can’t be avoided so much as prepared for, but when it comes to paying too much for an airline ticket – that’s where we draw the line.

Chances are you’ll pay more to travel at Thanksgiving than you would if you traveled the week before, but there are definitely some things you can do to make sure you’re not paying top dollar for your flight. That’s just one of the topics covered in the helpful articles below.

>> In 2012, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 222nd

Cheap Ticket Tips: Fly Mid-week

When we plan travel, the dates we choose for the start and end of the trip may be a bit arbitrary. Sure, you’re constrained by your desire to take a vacation in June, for instance, but whether you leave on June 10th or June 14th may as well depend on the outcome of a coin-toss sometimes. Would it help you decide when to fly if you knew that certain days of the week almost always mean cheaper flights?

You may have read that you’ll find more cheap flights by flying mid-week – but you may not know why. Here’s why flying mid-week can save you money.

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First, we must take as a given that the least expensive days to travel are the ones when demand is lowest – and this is an easy thing to accept. When there are more people clamoring for fewer airline seats, the airlines can raise prices. Fewer people means less demand, and airlines lower prices to try to make demand go up at least a little bit.

Airports always seem busy, but figuring out which days are slower is not as difficult as you might expect. We just need to know a little bit more about who’s traveling.

Cheap Ticket Tips: Book Early

Anyone who has tried to educate themselves on the best ways to save money on airline tickets has likely read the same tips repeatedly. One of the most oft-quoted tips is to book your tickets early. It’s easy to internalize tips like that when you see them all the time, but have you ever found out why booking early will save you money? Some of the reasons why airfare prices fluctuate over time aren’t easy to explain, but some are – so here’s why booking airfare early can save you money.

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All the seats on an airplane look the same (within one class, that is), so you may not realize that not all passengers on a flight are paying the same price for their ticket. Generally speaking, airlines have a certain number of cheaper seats available on every flight. The cheapest tickets on any given flight are available in a very limited quantity, but unfortunately there’s no way of telling exactly how many cheap seats are available on the flight you want – and when those are gone they’ll start booking seats at the next price level up. When those are gone, the price jumps again – and so on.

Sports Vacations

If you think only hardcore sports fans travel across the planet to see their team play in a big tournament or a favorite player take the court or even teams they don’t follow participate in a big game – then you’re mistaken. Sporting events can be a great excuse to travel somewhere new, and it’s a great way to get involved in something that isn’t generally thought of as a mainstream tourist event.

There are sporting events that take place throughout the year and all over the world – here are a few, with links to more travel information for each. We’ll keep updating this page with more sporting events and tournaments, so be sure to check back.

Let us know what events and tournaments to add next by leaving a comment below!

St. Patrick’s Day Travel Deals

stpaddys3Recently we’ve covered a few different aspects of traveling for St. Patrick’s Day, all aimed at helping you save money on your trip. But since you may not be checking in every single day we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the advice we’ve been doling out. So you can consider this your “table of contents” to all our St. Patrick’s Day travel information, if you like.

This particular post is also going to be useful in that it’s got links to articles that aren’t just related to St. Patrick’s Day, but are full of great tips to help you save money on airfare anyway – so even if you were paying attention to all the St. Patrick’s Day travel deals posts, you might not have seen these.

Have a grand time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – wherever you are – and have an extra green beer (or 7) with all the money we helped you save on your airline ticket!

>> March 17 is on a Saturday in 2012. 

How to Find Cheap Coachella Airfare

coachella3Let’s face it – the people who go to the Coachella Music Festival aren’t generally the type who jet-set around the globe and have money to burn on airline tickets. So if you can’t drive all the way to the festival, that means you’ve got to fly to a nearby airport and then find ground transportation to Indio. Luckily for you, you’ve got a few airports to choose from – which means your chances of finding cheap airfare to the Coachella Festival are pretty good.

But the multitude of airports near Coachella isn’t the only way to get a cheap flight to the music festival. In this article, we’ll go over the tips you’ll need to find the best price on an air ticket to Coachella – and many of these tips will come in handy no matter where or when you’re looking for cheap fares for other trips, too.

>> In 2012, Coachella runs from April  13 – 15 and 20-22.

How to Find Cheap Christmas Airfare

xmasballFor most people, Christmas is all about family and spending quality time with people you love (and may not get to see much during the rest of the year). It’s a pity, then, that getting home for the holidays without spending a fortune can be such a royal pain in the you-know-what.

Finding cheap Christmas airfare is definitely a challenge, as anyone who’s started looking can attest to. You plug in your travel dates and get hit with huge ticket prices. You think you can use the old trick of shifting your trip by one or two days in either direction and you still run into the same high prices. It’s frustrating. Oh, and don’t count on using those precious frequent flyer miles you’ve accumulated, either, because the Christmas holidays are typically part of an airline’s blackout dates.

But even though you may not find a super bargain-basement price on an airline ticket over Christmas, there are still some things you can do to avoid paying more than you need to for your flight.

>> In 2012, Christmas is on a Tuesday

How to Find Cheap Thanksgiving Airfare

tgivingturkeyTraveling at Thanksgiving can be one of the most stressful things you’ll do all year, but if you end up paying too much for your ticket that’s just adding insult to injury. There’s not necessarily much you can do to make the airport less crowded or the weather any more pleasant for flying, but there’s definitely something you can do to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible on your ticket.

A few somethings, in fact.

In this article we’ll look at the best ways to find cheap airfare for Thanksgiving travel, some of which are tips that will apply to non-holiday travel and some of which really are targeted to these overly busy times at the airport. For starters, you should pat yourself on the back for taking the first step in getting a deal on Thanksgiving airfare – you’re doing the research. Well done.

Now take that forward momentum further with these tips, too.

>> Thanksgiving in 2012 is on Thursday, November 22
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January Travel Deals

For many people, December is a time to travel because you have to – not necessarily because you want to. We love the December holidays as much as the next person, and we certainly love hanging out with family (even if it means pre-dawn wake-up calls from the kids eager to open gifts), but traveling at Christmas is usually a headache and a half – not to mention expensive.

So, let’s assume you’ve survived Christmas travel (and, if you’re in the U.S., this likely follows Thanksgiving travel) and you need a real vacation to recover from your Christmas vacation. It’s time to reward yourself with a trip that’s all about what you want to do and where you want to go. And not only that, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it might be time to escape the cold for a little bit and remind your body what sun feels like.

Honeymoon Travel Deals

honeymoon5Whether you’re an experienced traveler or this is your first big trip, you want your honeymoon to be perfect. And while we can’t do anything about the weather, the view from your balcony, or your knack for getting food poisoning wherever you go, we can help you find great deals on honeymoon travel.

This past week we published a series of articles with information you’ll need to plan your honeymoon – from finding cheap airfare to some ideas for where to go. We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of the tips we’ve been talking about, so we have collected them all here in an easy-to-find post.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we hope you have a fantastic time on your honeymoon!